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Consolidate type validation

Use ValidateContext with a few standard implementations instead of the many different interfaces and implementations we used to collect valdiation problems before. This fixes issues with types being displayed inconsistently.

The implementation is not fully correct yet: we now fail to display the correct type for problems that are bound to a type instead of a property.

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Use nicer way to assert validation output

Remove unnecessary dependency

The plugin should apply it already.

Only test validating external types for static validation

Remove unnecessary test requirement

Migrate "reports conflicting types when property is replaced"

Migrate "can validate task classes using types from other projects"

Ensure that the validated task is executed, not that it's the only one

Migrate "can validate task classes using external types"

Migrate "detects annotations on setter methods"

Migrate "detects annotations on non-property methods"

Migrate "detects annotations on private getter methods"

Migrate "detects problems with file inputs"

Allow distinguishing between errors and warnings emitted in strict mode

Ensure that errors are actually reported

Fix runtime test case for validates task caching annotations

Migrate "report setters for property of mutable type #type"

Allow types to be reported sometimes for runtime warnings

Move "task cannot have property with annotation @#annotation.simpleName" back

We cannot even instantiate a task with the problems tested here during runtime.

There are tests for these cases in ArtifactTransformValuesInjectionIntegrationTest.

Migrate "does not report missing properties for Provider types"

Ensure that task being validated actually runs during test

Migrate "no problems with Copy task"

Migrate "detects missing annotation on Groovy properties"

Introduce separate properties for Java and Groovy task sources

Migrate "validates task caching annotations"

Migrate "task cannot have property with annotation #annotation.simpleName"

Migrate "task can have property with annotation @#annotation.simpleName"

Abstract first validation test between runtime and static validation

Revert "Revert "Rename ValidateTaskProperties to ValidatePlugins""

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Revert "Rename ValidateTaskProperties to ValidatePlugins"

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