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Wire build gate into Play runner classes

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Fixed `PlayJavaScriptPlugin` for changes to `@LanguageType`.

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Use a `@Defaults` rule to create default source directories

Revert "Change play plugins and tests to replace default source sets"

This reverts commit 97aafa43999b7e4db18b99325ffb51ca9ccdf8ec.

Revert "Fix unit test"

This reverts commit 2dffb35eae42d654161cde29b5b6c005f8f0bb40.

Revert "Change play tests to replace source sets"

This reverts commit 3431690d8e333dc608b7d2726f7fe4ab185ed4de.

Revert "Fix native test"

This reverts commit ffc5ab1e51dfc0a58478475b517366eda7180c01.

Revert "Change cunit plugin to replace rather than append src dirs"

This reverts commit 1c6f3878da758614e6bd9239b4fd1a9d769bde23.

+review REVIEW-5669

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Change play tests to replace source sets

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Fix test

+review REVIEW-5635

Fix test

+review REVIEW-5635

Introduced `ComponentSpec.getSources()` in place of `getSource()`

+review REVIEW-5541

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Removed unused method exposing FunctionalSourceSet from BinarySpecInternal

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Rename default source sets for JavaScript and CoffeeScript in a Play app

+review REVIEW-5375

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Introduce ModelMap extends CollectionBuilder and allow to use them interchangeably in rules

+review REVIEW-5491

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Apply coffeescript and javascript source set defaults on each play component directly, rather than closing the components container.

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Fix unit tests broken by model registry changes

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Modified the build output layout for play applications to be simpler and more consistent

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Simplified the CoffeeScript and JavaScript plugins for Play

- Don’t use LanguageRegistration

- Wire the tasks together directly

- This is now more exemplary of the current public mechanism for extending the Play support

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Cleanup of play cofeescript support - Moved javascript support to PlayJavaScriptPlugin - Changed .all() calls to iteration - Changed wiring of coffescript source sets to javascript source sets to be *much* cleaner - Cleanup of integration tests

+review REVIEW-5272

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