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Don't attempt to change a worker's working dir

Since Java 11 no longer supports changing the working directory of a

running process, a worker's working dir is now always


Setting the working directory of a worker via the fork options of

`WorkerConfiguration` is now prohibited.

Resolves #7323.

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Use PathToFileResolver where possible (#5805)

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Remove FileResolver.resolveLater(), since resolve() is cheap now

This is a follow-up to making FileResolver faster. It is now

so cheap that resolveLater() no longer serves any purpose. The

result can no longer be different over time either, as resolve()

no longer looks at the file system.

Removing that code saves a lot of memory when repeatedly looking

up the build directory of a project (which happens a lot).

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Fix issue with duplicate compiler daemons and add reuse tests

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Make worker daemons sensitive to all java fork options

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Renamed AbstractDaemonCompiler to AbstractWorkerCompiler


- DaemonJavaCompiler to WorkerJavaCompiler (supports both in-process and daemon workers)

- DaemonGroovyCompiler to WorkerGroovyCompiler (support both in-process and daemon workers)

- DaemonScalaCompiler to WorkerDaemonScalaCompiler (daemon workers only)

- DaemonPlayCompiler to WorkerDaemonPlayCompiler (daemon workers only)

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Non-forked Java compilation now uses in-process workers

Simplified AbstractDaemonCompiler and its type hierarchy.

Remove usage of some org.gradle.workers.internal types.

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Dogfood WorkerExecutor for java/groovy/scala compilation in worker daemons

Plus in-process groovy compilation

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Internal types, methods and variables renames in :workers

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Remove unused imports

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First stab at parallelizing worker daemons

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Generalize compiler daemon infrastructure for any kind of worker

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Detangled the adapter for different Routes versions from the RoutesCompileSpec

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share common daemon compiler

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