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Remove unnecessary modifiers and semicolons

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Add support for Visual Studio 2015

The 'unresolved symbol _printf' error is due to a change in the

organization of the msvc runtime library. See this page for a

detailled explanation:

Signed-off-by: Francis ANDRE <>

This commit is the squashed representation of gradle/gradle#704.

The concept of the Universal C Runtime is introduce in this pull

request. The Universal CRT is for internal use only at the moment.

Later work will be done to generalize the general concept of the C

runtime to previous and future version of Visual C++ toolchain.

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More cleanup of PCH testing

+review REVIEW-5419

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Refactoring native test fixtures so they can be re-used for PCH testing

+review REVIEW-5419

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GRADLE-3248 Fix incremental native compilation

The final compilation state was being persisted before we attempted to

compile anything, so after build failures, everything would be up-to-date.

- Move setting the final compilation state to after trying to do the


- Add brokenFile to IncrementalHelloWorldApp, so we can easily create a

file that will not compile.

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Adding more integration test coverage for precompiled headers

+review REVIEW-5419

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Adding support for using precompiled headers when compiling sources

+review REVIEW-5419

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some test fixture renamings

TestComponent -> TestNativeComponent

AbstractLanguageIncrementalBuildIntegrationTest -> AbstractNativeLanguageIncrementalBuildIntegrationTest

+review REVIEW-5273

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move SourceFile fixture into common internal-integ-testing

- allow usage from non native projects

+review REVIEW-5258

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Renamed package org.gradle.nativebinaries -> org.gradle.nativeplatform

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