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Force AbstractTestDirectoryProvider to use Class (#12431)


This PR adds `className` to `AbstractTestDirectoryProvider` so there'll be no more `unknown-test-class`.

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Fix tests

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Fix regression regarding implicit working directory for Gcc linker (#3020)

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Make native compile/link tasks execute in parallel by default

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Initial Support for Swift in Current Model (#2284)

Spike Swift compilation for executable and module (shared library) with dependency management and composite build support.

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Unify BuildOperationExecutor and BuildOperationProcessor APIs

This introduces the following `BuildOperationExecutor`

interface (as outlined in gradle/gradle#1676):

void run(RunnableBuildOperation buildOperation);

<T> T call(CallableBuildOperation<T> buildOperation);

<O extends RunnableBuildOperation> void runAll(

Action<BuildOperationQueue<O>> schedulingAction);

<O extends BuildOperation> void runAll(

BuildOperationWorker<O> worker,

Action<BuildOperationQueue<O>> schedulingAction);

To accomplish this, the following changes were performed:

- Various representation of build operations have been merged into

1) BuildOperation (with sub-interfaces)

-> declare and describe a build operation

2) BuildOperationDescriptor (BuildOperationDescriptor.Builder)

-> describe a build operation

3) BuildOperationState

-> represents a running build operation, with run state, start time,

parent relationship information, and description

- The DefaultBuildOperationExecutor and DefaultBuildOperationProcessor

implementations have been merged in DefaultBuildOperationExecutor,

which is now build session scoped.

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Refactoring BuildOperationProcessor to allow cleanup when queue population fails

+review REVIEW-5884

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Include the location of the output log file in build failure exceptions for native operations.

This synchronises the experience with other kinds of tasks that produce reports (e.g. JVM test execution) and drastically improves the outputs when there are many failures. The implementation leaves some to be desired, but can be improved in subsequent versions without impacting backwards compatibility.

+review REVIEW-5406

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Cleanup of NativeServices testing changes - Changed use of NativeServicesTestFixture to annotation in many cases - Centralized temp dir creation logic - Enhanced uninitialized NativeServices error message

+review REVIEW-5378

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Initializing native services for more broken tests

+review REVIEW-5378

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Add BuildOperationLogger and factory

A task will start() and overall build operation, execute the

underlying operations and then call done() to wrap up the overall


For the native tools, we currently buffer the output in

DefaultCommandLineToolInvocationWorker and only try to write the

output once the operation is complete/failed.

The BuildOperationLogger writes the output for the operations to

a log file and writes up to N-operations to Gradle's standard out.

+review REVIEW-5406

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Give all classes similar looking names in o.g.i.operations.

+review REVIEW-5406

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Make GCC linker/static archive tools use BuildOperationProcessor too

+review REVIEW-5406

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Rename CommandLineTool -> CommandLineToolInvocationWorker

+review REVIEW-5364

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Split CommandLineToolInvocation into two parts

CommandLineToolContext is used for "overall" parameters

- Environment

- Paths

- User-supplied actions

CommandLineToolInvocation is used for the per-operation parameters

- Final list of arguments

- Working directory

+review REVIEW-5331

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Common Platform/Toolchain base classes for native and jvm

This reverts commit 54f55f62d01a592550455adf6d2f7d1c4913f96c.

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Revert "Removed DSL docs for old platform"

This reverts commit 22d69fa44efe1730bf51e0f119249260f67b54ca.

Revert "Fix compile issues"

This reverts commit a1ba588f0f9938ec023752313424d810baecef08.

Revert "Moved requirement to open question"

This reverts commit 5ebbdee47430e91193028f1aeb4eabfce5f0ce5a.

Revert "Changed ToolChain -> NativeToolChain"

This reverts commit e19f845f1efbaba247a1f179307f1b2ce7341134.

Revert "Changed Platform -> NativePlatform"

This reverts commit 7657f69da25b1fffb9099912ceca8a8f16547b49.

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Changed Platform -> NativePlatform

Changed Platform -> NativePlatform and introduced a Platform base type

implemented by NativePlatform and JvmPlatform called Platform

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Added some more unit test coverage.

Renamed package org.gradle.nativebinaries -> org.gradle.nativeplatform

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Modify GccLinker to set install name based on target OS instead of current OS

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