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Move tests

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Address review feedback for SortingAnnotationVisitor

- Add integration test reproducing the issue

- Add Unit test reproducing the issue


+review REVIEW-6034

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Removed TestPrecondition.JDK6_OR_LATER

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Polish `ApiJar`

- Improve code flow with static imports

- Remove `JarEntry` writing logic duplication

- Decouple jar generation from file collection

- Make temporal coupling explicit by turning `sortedFiles` field into `collectedFiles` parameter

- Normalise usage of whitespace

+review REVIEW-5733

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Introduce o.g.jvm.tasks.api.internal package

This commit introduces an "internal" subpackage for the

o.g.jvm.tasks.api package and moves into it all of the supporting types

for the recently-introduced (public and @Incubating) `ApiJar` task.

Note that the only type that technically needs to be given public

visibility in this new internal package is `ApiClassExtractor` (because

it is the only one directly referenced from `ApiJar`). However, all

types have been given public visibility in order to conform with current

conventions in the larger Gradle codebase.

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