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Moved `ComponentSpecIdentifier` into an internal package.

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Fixed unit test for changes to descriptors of `BinarySpec` children.

Rework extensible type fixtures to simplify code

+review REVIEW-5695

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Merged `BinaryNamingSchemeBuilder` into `BinaryNamingScheme`.

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Do not use the legacy decoration on the delegate objects created for `ComponentSpec`, `BinarySpec` and `LanguageSourceSet` elements.

+review REVIEW-5708

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Move ModelRegistryHelper functionality to Groovy extension module

+review REVIEW-5715

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Fixed some unit tests for change to test fixture.

+review REVIEW-5708

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Remove the need for `ComponentSpecInternal` to expose a `FunctionalSourceSet`

- Rejigged CUnit plugin so that source sets are created via ModelMap API

- Don't use FunctionalSourceSet.baseDir to configure source directories for ComponentSpec.sources

- Removed `FunctionalSourceSet.baseDir`

Issue: gradle/langos#40 +review REVIEW-5681

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Merge branch 'release'

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Remove unused ProjectSourceSet

+review REVIEW-5669

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Pass a baseDir to the fixture for JvmLibrarySpec's

Changed the JVM and native component plugins to use names for binaries that reflect the role they play.

Now that more than one component may have a binary with a given name, use:

- `jar` as the name for a Jar binary that belongs to a JVM library

- `executable` as the name for an executable that belongs to a native application

- `sharedLibrary` and `staticLibrary` as the name for the binaries of a native library.

These can later turn into static properties of the appropriate `ComponentSpec` types.

There is a breaking change in this commit: the lifecycle task name and output directory name of the binaries of components with multiple variants now include the component name at the start of the name, rather than somewhere in the middle.

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Refactor JvmComponentPlugin

The following stylistic changes are made here in preparation for

substantive changes to this class in subsequent commits:

- Format Javadoc for readability

- Use public visibility consistently on rule-annotated methods

- Refactor #createBinaries and its related private methods for

readability and elimination of unused parameters

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Pushed construction of a component's main source set down into the constructor or `BaseComponentSpec`.

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Make it easier to reference an instance of the current JavaPlatform

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No need for these parameters anymore

+review REVIEW-5551

Custom plugin can add custom component built from Java source

+review REVIEW-5551

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Renamed `ComponentSpecInternal.sources` to `functionalSourceSet`

+review REVIEW-5541

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Removed `JvmComponentExtension` now that model DSL is improved

- Updated test for configuring jar binary of jvm library to use model DSL

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Reverted the unfinished attempt to move away from ToolChain and ToolProvider to ToolResolver and ResolvedTool

- This work needs a lot more thought and speccing: reverting for now seems like the best option

+review REVIEW-5398

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Expose ComponentSpec.source() as a node backed model map, instead of a domain object collection wrapped model map.

+review REVIEW-5498

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Back component.binaries with the model graph.

This is required, as opposed to simply wrap the previous DomainObjectSet with a ModelMap, in order to properly honour the configuration ordering semantics promised by ModelMap.

+review REVIEW-5498

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Introduce ModelMap extends CollectionBuilder and allow to use them interchangeably in rules

+review REVIEW-5491

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Make DirectInstantiator a singleton.

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Fixing CI breakages

+review REVIEW-5398

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Converting platform-jvm to use ToolResolver

+review REVIEW-5398

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Use a domain specific PlatformResolver plugin for resolving JavaPlatform instances

- Domain plugins can register a PlatformResolver for a Platform subtype

- JvmComponentPlugin registers a resolver for JavaPlatform

- JavaPlatform instances are no longer registered in the PlatformContainer

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PlatformResolver resolves each platform separately

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Merge branch 'release' into 'master'

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Moved PlatformResolver into internal package (temporarily) to resolve dependency cycle

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