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LanguageRegistry is not needed anymore, remove it

LanguageSourceSetFactory now holds all the LanguageRegistrations.

+review REVIEW-5734

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Moved registration of `BinarySpec.tasks` from `BinaryBasePlugin` to `BaseBinarySpec`.

Also use the descriptor of a `BinarySpec` or `ComponentSpec` as the descriptor for its children, consistent with the approach used for the children of a struct.

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Fixed broken unit tests that expect the tasks for a binary to be defined.

Moved some rules from `ComponentBasePlugin` to `BinaryBasePlugin` so that it can be applied without error.

Added some unit test coverage for `BinaryBasePlugin`.

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Split `BinaryBasePlugin` out of `LanguageBasePlugin`.

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Extracted a base specification which can be used for writing software model plugin unit tests, from various existing unit tests.

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Manage creation of most PatternSet instances

- use managed CachingPatternSpecFactory instance for

these PatternSet instances

+review REVIEW-5627

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Moved a bunch of singletons off several prod classes to live on `ProjectRegistrySpec`.

+review REVIEW-5756

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Merge LanguageRegistry into LanguageSourceSetFactory

Introduce `LanguageRegistry getRegistrations()` in


Get rid of `languages` node and rules that used to propagate

language registrations to `LanguageSourceSetFactory`.

Along the way, `LanguageRegistration` used in `LanguageRegistry` has

been reduced to only contains necessary data.

It no longer needs the data used for factory registration.

Other changes are impacts, mostly in tests.

+review REVIEW-5734

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Simplify ModelRegistrations

Make the purpose of actions added during registration a bit cleaner,


+review REVIEW-5738

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Rework extensible type fixtures to simplify code

+review REVIEW-5695

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Make extensible type fixtures work with managed types

Things that had to be cleared up:

- not all Base*Fixtures classes were creating nodes with managed


- some tests were using a separate ManagedProxyFactory, and the same

type got generated twice in the same classloader

+review REVIEW-5695

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Fixed `BaseLanguageSourceSetFixture` so that it returns a view of the source set with all the DSL magic mixed in, rather than the base implementation.

+review REVIEW-5708

Fixed some merge problems.

+review REVIEW-5708

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Do not use the legacy decoration on the delegate objects created for `ComponentSpec`, `BinarySpec` and `LanguageSourceSet` elements.

+review REVIEW-5708

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Minor edits polishing changes made while CompSpec managed work

- various renames, among them overriden -> overridden

- remove now spurious files

- opportunistically remove useless printlns in tests

- fix some groovy warning in tests

+review REVIEW-5695

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No need to track implicit dependencies

We weren’t really using this feature, either, just passing empty lists

(or even nulls) around, and never using them.

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Introduce node backed protected BaseBinarySpec.getComponentAs(type)

Binaries are owned by a Component. NativeComponentSpec expose it via its

`getComponent` method. This method is then overriden by subtypes to

specialize its return type.

BaseBinarySpec store a direct reference to some ComponentSpecInternal in

its `owner` field and its `getComponent` method basically returns it.

Specialized versions of this method presents in subtypes simply cast

`owner`. This ComponentSpecInternal happens to be the `privateData` of

the backing node which can't be cast to the corresponding managed public

type (eg. CUnitTSS, GoogleTestTSS).

This commit starts in BaseBinarySpec:

- replace the `owner` field by a `componentNode`

- introduce protected getComponentAs(type) with relies on

`node.asImmutable(type)` insted of casting

With theses changes, a `BinarySpec` can be owned by a

`@Managed ComponentSpec`.

BaseBinarySpec creation now use a node instead of a

ComponentSpecInternal to refer to its owner component. This explain the

impact on fixtures and tests.

Removed spurious specialized getComponent() methods in NativeBinarySpec

subtypes along the way.

+review REVIEW-5695

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Move ModelRegistryHelper functionality to Groovy extension module

+review REVIEW-5715

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Use the public type of a `LanguageSourceSet` in its display name.

+review REVIEW-5708

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Use a consistent `toString()` and `displayName` for all ComponentSpec views, regardless of whether the view is `@Managed` or not.

Four parts to this change:

1. Shuffled around the API of `InstanceFactory` so that there is less difference between elements with `@Managed` and unmanaged public types from a consumer's perspective.

2. Changed the API of `InstanceFactory` so that factories are presented with the public type of the element.

3. Changed how `BaseComponentSpec` instances are created so that thier public type is used in there display name.

4. Changed view generation so that `toString()` implementation will use the delegate's display name, if present.

+review REVIEW-5708

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Use `ModelType` instead of `Class` in `LanguageRegistration`

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
Introduce convenience methods on ModelRegistry

+review REVIEW-5685

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BaseBinarySpec.sources is a node-backed ModelMap

  1. … 22 more files in changeset.
Use a real `ModelMap` for `ComponentSpec.sources`

This commit removes the backing `FunctionalSourceSet` instance from `BaseComponentSpec`,

instead using a real `ModelMap` implementation backed by a `ModelNode`. This removes

a lot of complexity from the implementation of `BaseComponentSpec`, as well as

making the behaviour of `ComponentSpec.sources` consistent with other `ModelMap`


Each `LanguageSourceSet` requires a 'parentName' property to be set, which is used

for providing a project-scoped unique name as well as source default locations.

For an element in `ComponentSpec.sources`, the 'parentName' is equal to the owning

component name. To make this possible, `LanguageSourceSetNodeIntializer` is now

aware of this relationship, and will set the 'parentName' appropriately. This is

somewhat consistent with the way the `owner` component is set when constructing

a `BaseBinarySpec` instance.


- Elements of `ComponentSpec.sources` are now configured on demand.

- Deleted tests that verified sources sets couldn't be removed: these are

no longer relevant with a `ModelMap` implementation.

Issue: gradle/langos#40 +review REVIEW-5681

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Rename ModelRegistry.create() to register() +review REVIEW-5678

  1. … 67 more files in changeset.
Remove unused ProjectSourceSet

+review REVIEW-5669

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Allow A LanguageSourceSet of any registered type to be created via FunctionalSourceSet

- Adds languageRegistry to FSS

- LSS creation uses FSS's LanguageRegistry

- Don't push language factories into FSS

- Add a basDir property to FSS for initializing LSS's with a default source directory

- Remove language source set factory registration from ComponentRules

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.
Put `NodeInitializerRegistry` under project scope

+review REVIEW-5629

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Fixed tests

+review REVIEW-5629

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