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Fixed test fixtures to construct binary spec with correct id.

Removed concept of 'parent' for an `AbstractLanguageSourceSet`, this information is now carried in the id for the source set.

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Fix AbstractLanguagePluginSpec

LanguageSourceSets are now instances created by BaseInstanceFactory.

LanguageSourceSetFactory is no more.

Changed `BaseLanguageSourceSet.create()` and `BaseBinarySpec.create()` to look more like `BaseComponentSpec.create()`.

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Moved `ComponentSpecIdentifier` into an internal package.

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Moved some logic up from `BaseComponentSpec` to its super class.

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Replaced `ComponentSpecInternal` with a more specific internal interface that represents a component that is built into some intermediate format before its final outputs are produced.

This new interface is internal as it is essentially just a rename of `ComponentSpecInternal`, and will probably be replaced by something instead based on the target platform(s) of the component.

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Removed unused lvar.

Removed the notion of a language registration, as it is not required.

This was previously implied by a language source set type registration, but the definition of the language is no longer used anywhere.

This will allow the language name to be removed from the language source set type registration. It is still present, but now unused.

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Fixed broken unit test.

Use types in StructBindingsStore API

+review REVIEW-5761

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Pass struct bindings all the way

Instead of passing the delegate type in raw format, pass the struct

bindings from node initializer down to proxy generator.

+review REVIEW-5761

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LanguageRegistry is not needed anymore, remove it

LanguageSourceSetFactory now holds all the LanguageRegistrations.

+review REVIEW-5734

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Moved registration of `BinarySpec.tasks` from `BinaryBasePlugin` to `BaseBinarySpec`.

Also use the descriptor of a `BinarySpec` or `ComponentSpec` as the descriptor for its children, consistent with the approach used for the children of a struct.

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Fixed broken unit tests that expect the tasks for a binary to be defined.

Moved some rules from `ComponentBasePlugin` to `BinaryBasePlugin` so that it can be applied without error.

Added some unit test coverage for `BinaryBasePlugin`.

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Split `BinaryBasePlugin` out of `LanguageBasePlugin`.

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Extracted a base specification which can be used for writing software model plugin unit tests, from various existing unit tests.

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Manage creation of most PatternSet instances

- use managed CachingPatternSpecFactory instance for

these PatternSet instances

+review REVIEW-5627

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Moved a bunch of singletons off several prod classes to live on `ProjectRegistrySpec`.

+review REVIEW-5756

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Merge LanguageRegistry into LanguageSourceSetFactory

Introduce `LanguageRegistry getRegistrations()` in


Get rid of `languages` node and rules that used to propagate

language registrations to `LanguageSourceSetFactory`.

Along the way, `LanguageRegistration` used in `LanguageRegistry` has

been reduced to only contains necessary data.

It no longer needs the data used for factory registration.

Other changes are impacts, mostly in tests.

+review REVIEW-5734

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Simplify ModelRegistrations

Make the purpose of actions added during registration a bit cleaner,


+review REVIEW-5738

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Rework extensible type fixtures to simplify code

+review REVIEW-5695

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Make extensible type fixtures work with managed types

Things that had to be cleared up:

- not all Base*Fixtures classes were creating nodes with managed


- some tests were using a separate ManagedProxyFactory, and the same

type got generated twice in the same classloader

+review REVIEW-5695

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Fixed `BaseLanguageSourceSetFixture` so that it returns a view of the source set with all the DSL magic mixed in, rather than the base implementation.

+review REVIEW-5708

Fixed some merge problems.

+review REVIEW-5708

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Do not use the legacy decoration on the delegate objects created for `ComponentSpec`, `BinarySpec` and `LanguageSourceSet` elements.

+review REVIEW-5708

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Minor edits polishing changes made while CompSpec managed work

- various renames, among them overriden -> overridden

- remove now spurious files

- opportunistically remove useless printlns in tests

- fix some groovy warning in tests

+review REVIEW-5695

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No need to track implicit dependencies

We weren’t really using this feature, either, just passing empty lists

(or even nulls) around, and never using them.

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Introduce node backed protected BaseBinarySpec.getComponentAs(type)

Binaries are owned by a Component. NativeComponentSpec expose it via its

`getComponent` method. This method is then overriden by subtypes to

specialize its return type.

BaseBinarySpec store a direct reference to some ComponentSpecInternal in

its `owner` field and its `getComponent` method basically returns it.

Specialized versions of this method presents in subtypes simply cast

`owner`. This ComponentSpecInternal happens to be the `privateData` of

the backing node which can't be cast to the corresponding managed public

type (eg. CUnitTSS, GoogleTestTSS).

This commit starts in BaseBinarySpec:

- replace the `owner` field by a `componentNode`

- introduce protected getComponentAs(type) with relies on

`node.asImmutable(type)` insted of casting

With theses changes, a `BinarySpec` can be owned by a

`@Managed ComponentSpec`.

BaseBinarySpec creation now use a node instead of a

ComponentSpecInternal to refer to its owner component. This explain the

impact on fixtures and tests.

Removed spurious specialized getComponent() methods in NativeBinarySpec

subtypes along the way.

+review REVIEW-5695

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