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Simplify the wiring of the `clean` task in `LifecycleBasePlugin`.

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Simplify the wiring of the `clean` task in `LifecycleBasePlugin`.

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Apply `Anonymous type can be replaced with lambda` inspection the whole project

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Use method reference, where applicable

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Use method reference, where applicable

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Organize imports

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Replace anonymous classes with lambdas

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Replace anonymous classes with lambdas

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Add missing @Override to all modules

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Add missing @Override to all modules

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Move `TreeFormatter` out of core and decouple from `TreeVisitor` by introducing an interface to represent something that can receive diagnostic information.

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Decorate all domain collection container for emitting build ops (#7876)

* Update all domain object container with decorator for tracing executed callback actions

* Add decorator to a ll required occurances of DefaultDomainObjectSet

* Keep ctor for DefaultPolymorphicDomainObjectContainer as its used in gradle-idea-ext plugin

* Bring back DefaultDomainObjectSet constructor used by the android plugin

* keep backwards compatibility

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De-incubate 2.x native tasks/plugins/model

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LifecycleBasePlugin implement Plugin<Project> and remove Incubating

Related #5964

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Leitschuh <>

Use a single project lock any time a project can be mutated

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Make sure clean tasks are instantiated while project state is mutable

Use register() over createLater() in all built-in plugins

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Partially push instantiator through all containers

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Use lazy task APIs to define the lifecycle tasks, rather than using the internal placeholder task API (and compensating logic to make sure there are no name collisions).

Cleanup stale output files during execution (#2572)

We now keep a registry of all the outputs generated by Gradle which will be reset on each version change. If Gradle encounters an existing output file, then it will remove it if is not part of the registered outputs and owned by Gradle/the build. We do also not remove directories containing outputs from different tasks.

The check to delete the stale outputs happens now just before the task executes and not up-front as it did before.

The `build` directory and all delete targets of the `clean` task are registered as owned by Gradle and are considered safe to delete.

Currently, the set of recorded task output files is only growing if we do not change the Gradle version. In the future we can improve on this by also detecting that some directories where removed (e.g. by running a clean task) and reflect this in the registry.

Fixes #1168

Fixes #973

+review REVIEW-6557

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Refine ExtensionContainer

Less parameterized types.

Reorder new methods parameters to prevent potential conflicts.

Favor iterating over entry set for Maps.

Add some words to release notes.

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Register extensions public types

- ExtraPropertiesExtension

- PlatformContainer

- BuildTypeContainer

- FlavorContainer

- NativeToolChainRegistry

- DistributionContainer

- PublishingExtension

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Remove Clean task and buildDir registration

+review REVIEW-6424

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Add BuildOutputCleanup implementation

- Detect Gradle version changes by keeping a `built.bin` in the project cache dir

- Register a listener that triggers clean up at the end of the configuration phase

- The build output cleanup cache only invokes the deleter when the marker file is missing

- Provide a registry that plugins can contribute output files to

- In LifecycleBasePlugin (the base plugin), register the buildDir and clean task target files

- Use a build operation when cleaning stale output files

+review REVIEW-6424

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Merge branch 'master' into dependent-components

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Don't resolve native source set's source directories to determine whether any source directories have been specified.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dependent-components

* origin/master: (88 commits)

Extract `RuntimeShadedJarCache` service

Test configuration failure for included builds

Update Gson to 2.7

Convert ContextClassLoaderDispatchTest from JMock to Spock

GRADLE-3522 Add back some type safety.

Rename "compile cpu time" to "jit compiler cpu time" for clarity

Revert "Expose per-property previous task output files"

Polish design doc for preferProjectModules

Check that scheduled change id is the one that was requested

Resolve last change id once

Clarify code in scheduling jobs and check for success

Make 'speed' the default

Create special details for missing files

Design doc for preferProjectModules (#596)

Remove jna from native services

Tagging is now explicitly done by creating a build step in TeamCity

Only compare speed when failing a performance test - The memory usage of tests is giving us a bad signal right now. We will come back later and figure out how we want to prevent memory regressions.

Remove Gradle 1.1 from baseline for JavaConfigurationPerformanceTest

Cleanup code a tiny bit

Show full command to reproduce perf test failures


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Fix too coarse input declaration in native binaries rules

- promote ProjectLayout registration from JvmComponentPlugin into


- use ProjectLayout as input instead of File buildDir in native binaries


This fixes GRADLE-3523 and allow build authors to register root nodes of

type File.

+review REVIEW-6171

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Introduce DependentBinariesResolver in platformBase

Ecosystem agnostic way to query the software model for dependent


Backed by dependent binaries resolution strategies.

Only a base strategy which do no resolution is registered.

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Remove deprecation warnings for custom lifecycle tasks

+review REVIEW-5956

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