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Rebaseline all performance tests

This is to make sure that we don't regress against the

recent improvements in performance again until 4.0 GA is out.

Once GA is out, all these baselines can be removed again, as testing

against the latest GA is the default.

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Optimize service registry performance

Our service registry infrastructure is far from being performant. Lookup by type is particularily expensive, and involves

looping through all supplied providers, and eventually go to the parent registries until we find a match, that we can cache.

This commit introduces a new method that allows a provider to tell if it is _candidate_ for providing a type (independently

of parameterized types), and introduces more caching of the result.

This improves performance of the service registry, at the cost of increased memory usage.

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Streamline naming of performance tests: core feature tests

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Cleanup Java performance test projects and scenarios

- Sort tests into packages

- Add new test projects: `largeMonolithicJavaProject`,

`largeJavaMultiProject`, `mediumJavaMultiProjectWithTestNG`

- Cleanup template.gradle file

-- Remove "old Java" templates

-- Remove unused Scala and Groovy performance

test project configurations

-- Remove large enterprise performance test projects

- Simplify Java scenarios: clean assemble, first use, change test,

getting IDE models, dependency report, abi change, non-abi change

- Adjust tests to not use old test projects anymore

- Add file mutators

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