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Fix performance regression in test execution

Regression was caused by removing support for class hierarchies in SerializerRegistry as worker protocol

for test execution relies on class hierarchies due to using interfaces and plain Object.class types.

Having multiple SerializerRegistry instances registered that support full class hierarchies causes trouble with

protocols using Object.class.

This was removed due to worker processes hanging when introducing new worker logging infrastructure.

- fix serialisation of test events to use custom serializer again instead of java serialisation

- fixed by explicitly setting class matching strategy in DefaultSerializerRegistry.

- remove Serializable interface from test event classes to avoid this kind of regression in the future

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Update DefaultSerializerRegistryTest to reflect earlier changes / remove @Ignore

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Redirect LogEvent and StyledOutputEvent from worker processes to server

* use custom serializer

* Added test coverage

* TODO fix WorkerProcessIntegrationTest:workerProcessStdOutAndStdInIsForwardedToThisProcess

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Allow multiple `SerializerRegistry` instances to be associated with an `ObjectConnection`, to allow different strategies to be used for different kinds of messages sent over the connection.

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Reworked some of the internals of `DefaultSerializerRegistry`.

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Changed the contract of `SerializerRegistry` to allow a `Serializer` for any type to be created, rather than just the base type.

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Added SerializerRegistry.useJavaSerialization() to allow Java serialization to be used for certain types.

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Renamed package o.g.messaging.serialize to o.g.internal.serialize.

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