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Add task to publish all publications to a single Maven repository

Fixes #8509

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Allow native publications with custom coordinates

The `afterEvaluate {}` block in the native base plugin

was overwriting any user-specified logic.

Replacing it with the Provider API fixes this issue and

also allows late changes to the defaults.

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Remove model rules from maven-publish plugin

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Make MavenProjectIdentity live

This way the coordinates are only evaluated when needed.

Previously they were evaluated when a publicaiton was created.

Lots of users had worked around it by re-setting the values

to what should already be the defaults later.

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Added a public interface that a `SoftwareComponent` implementation can use to describe its variants. In this change, this interface is used only as a marker interface. When present on a component contained in a publication, the `maven-publish` plugin will generate a Gradle specific metadata file for the publication describing the component.

The metadata file doesn't contain anything particularly interesting nor is it used during dependency resolution yet. This change does not add any public way to implement the interface.

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Remove deprecated methods on TestUtil (#672)

In order to use project builder correctly without having

leaking files on windows it is necessary to initialize

the test fixture for NativeServices and clean up

the test directory after building.

AbstractProjectBuilderSpec provides a nice base class

for Groovy tests.

I removed the deprecated methods since using them leads

to files lying around. Migrating all the usages to the "new"

way ensures it is used correctly.

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Move ModelRegistryHelper functionality to Groovy extension module

+review REVIEW-5715

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fix MavenPublishPluginTest

+review REVIEW-5388

Don't use convention mappings in publishing plugins.

+review REVIEW-5387

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Unit tests

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Push the class to rule extractor into the registry, to allow nodes etc. to accept RuleSource classes.

While it bothers me slightly that we are pushing knowledge of a particular type of rule representation into the registry, it saves having to cart some extra stuff around.

+review REVIEW-5353

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Collection mutation rule specifies input taking mutation rule for particular model element

+review REVIEW-5353

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Revert selective task closing work.

Too much breakage.

+review REVIEW-5350

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Wire the model registry into the “task selector”, effectively enabling configure-on-demand for rule based task declarations.

Rather than eagerly “realize” the whole task container and its contents, we now only realize the container itself.

This means that we know of all the tasks that will exist without actually creating them.

If a task (declared by rules) is not needed for a build (i.e. not selected, not depended on) it will not be created.

However, our rule based plugins at this time contain coarse rules that don't allow this feature to be leveraged.

Benefits will only be seen right now for contrived domains.

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Deprecate PluginContainer.apply(Class) and PluginContainer.apply(String)

+review REVIEW-5239

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Go back to adding model rules for tasks as soon as they are added to the task container

+review REVIEW-5176

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Extract ModelRegistryValidatingConfigurationAction from TaskModelRealizingConfigurationAction

+review REVIEW-5176

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Configuration performed to “bridged” model element made in afterEvaluate() is visible to creation rule

+review REVIEW-5176

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Test fixes are API change.

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Remove some use of String as a model path.

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Reworked DependencyManagementServices so that it contributes regular services to an existing scope rather than creating a new scope.

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Initial work on new rule based configuration model, integrated into the publishing plugin.

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renamed HelperUtil to TestUtil (REVIEW-1626)

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Switch PublicationContainer to use new Polymorphic container infrastructure

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Don't assume that all dependencies for a Usage are "runtime" in Ivy - Added IvyDependency api and impl which wraps a ModuleDependency and conf mapping string - Only currently used by components: user configuration of dependencies is not supported.

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Reworked package structure to remove package cycle (both ivy & maven)

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Introduced separate identifier for ivy publications - Use IvyProjectIdentity instead of Module for identifying ivy publication - Ivy publication identifier is now based on a snapshot of project state at time publication was created - Fixed ivy publication so that ivy status is correctly populated in descriptor - Added some basic integ test coverage for ivy status - Moved MavenProjectIdentity.getPackaging() onto MavenPomInternal

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Test that GenerateMavenPom destination changes with project build dir (REVIEW-1227)

Further cleanup of maven publication with separate GenerateMavenPom task - Moved logic out of MavenNormalisedPublication into DefaultMavenPublication - GenerateMavenPom does not use MavenNormalisedPublication, but uses MavenPublicationInternal for all details - Reinstate the artifact existence check on MavenPublication.asNormalisedPublication() - Improved unit test coverage of DefaultMavenPublication

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Checkstyle and unit test fix

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