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Remove the old, unfinished, publication stuff.

Listed as a breaking change in the release notes.

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Remove FileSource, replacing usage with Factory<File>.

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more Spock-related test fixes

- JUnit rules must now declare a field type, and that type must implement MethodRule/TestRule

- turned TestProxyServer into a rule (it was already used as if it was a rule)

- extended org.junit.rules.ExternalResource instead of implementing TestRule in some places

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Changed the new maven publication dsl to use MavenArtifactRepository, so that now we use the same repository type for incoming and outgoing artifacts.

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Detangled maven publication from core and coreImpl a little more: - Moved a bunch of classes which use the maven ant tasks from coreImpl to maven project - Moved XmlProvider to org.gradle.api.

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