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Move some internal types back to their original package.

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Moved a bunch of dynamic object related types from core to live in modelCore.

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Revert "Revert "Merge branch 'cc-java-library-plugin'""

This reverts commit c6cd884e1a8889fb25d26dfcfdfa79d896835e11.

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Revert "Merge branch 'cc-java-library-plugin'"

This reverts commit 0d442a55b445f537efbce65267ce9418fce2e7a8, reversing

changes made to 04647ab69fc8d19186cd2a78124ea74b8a89cc0f.

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Add support for publishing Java libraries with Maven

This commit makes sure that Java projects and Java libraries can be published using the `maven` plugin. As the project is built with Gradle,

we only need to add additional mappings for the `implementation`, `api` and `testImplementation` configurations, because the other configurations

only make sense when building, not consuming.

Those are mapped to the following Maven scopes:

- `api` is mapped to `compile`

- `implementation` is mapped to `runtime`

- `testImplementation` is mapped to `test`

The `compileOnly` and `runtimeOnly` dependency buckets are only used from within a project, so should not appear in the generated pom file.

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Convert `MavenPluginTest` to Spock

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Remove deprecated methods on TestUtil (#672)

In order to use project builder correctly without having

leaking files on windows it is necessary to initialize

the test fixture for NativeServices and clean up

the test directory after building.

AbstractProjectBuilderSpec provides a nice base class

for Groovy tests.

I removed the deprecated methods since using them leads

to files lying around. Migrating all the usages to the "new"

way ensures it is used correctly.

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Changed unit tests to use Project or ProjectInternal instead of the implementation classes.

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Fix some tests that were leaking file handles

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Don't use common parent class for now

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Introduce test fixture of tests using ProjectBuilder

Automatically uses and cleans up temporary project directory.

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Reorganised packages for some of the internal classes involved in maven publishing

+review REVIEW-5388

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Deprecate PluginContainer.apply(Class) and PluginContainer.apply(String)

+review REVIEW-5239

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renamed HelperUtil to TestUtil (REVIEW-1626)

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Remove @author tags and names from source code.

- Added checkstyle check for @author

- Added not to saying that we don't use names in the codebase

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replace usages of TaskContainer.add with TaskContainer.create

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Introduce build-setup plugin - extracted maven2Gradle related classes from maven project into buildSetup project - introduce more generic setupBuild task - add wrapper task as a depenency to the setupBuild lifecycle task

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GRADLE-2645 Bugfix in maven conversion (bootstrap plugin).

Removal of xml element is now smarter. MavenProjectXmlWriter class is really a temp until we finally start walking the maven object model when converting (we already have the model - it's implemented).

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Some renaming and cleanup around the test/temp directory used in tests.

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Updated build to use junit 4.11 and hamcrest 1.3.

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[code review] Tidy up in maven2Gradle conversion. Placed @Incubating on the task. Added more unit test coverage.

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Some tidy-up in the Maven2Gradle conversion plugin.

- better package for the classes

- some rename job for consistency

- avoided using the DeprecationLogger (it this instance, I can actually use a regular logger).

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Changed a bunch of plugins and tasks to be injected with Factory<T> instead of using ProjectInternal.getServices().

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Added Maven2Gradle plugin that helps with migrating maven projects.

It is ported as-is from an external project so that it is demoable for the migration webinar and usable via gradle nightly for everybody. We'll tidy it up in the upcoming stories.

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Remove deprecated stuff from MavenPluginConvention.

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Remove RepositoryHandler.getMavenPomDir()

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Removed getExtensions() and getConvention() from DynamicObjectAware.

DynamicObjectAware now just means that the object provides a DynamicObject, and does not mean the object is extensible.

A new interface, HasConvention, has been added and class decoration now mixes in this interface (whereas it previously mixed in DynamicObjectAware.getConvention()). The name is not great, but this is internal and temporary so I'm not too concerned.

A new “DslObject” type has been introduced that provides a unified, typed, view of an object that provides the functionality added by class decoration. The idea here is that this will evolve into the typed API for working with decorated/enhanced objects, opposed to casting.

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- Added RepositoryHandler.getMavenPomDir() back, as a deprecated method. - Deprecated MavenPluginConvention.pomDirName and pomDir properties, replaced by mavenPomDir property.

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Detangled maven publication from core and coreImpl a little more: - Split DeployerFactory out ResolverFactory and moved impl to maven project. - Moved MavenFactory and impl to maven project.

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Detangled maven publication from core and coreImpl a little: - Removed repositories.mavenScopeMappings and mavenPomDir. Use the values attached to the project, instead. - Removed the contortions from core/coreImpl to ensure each RepositoryHandler shares the same convention mapping.

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