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Merged `subprojects/maven/src/main/groovy` into `src/main/java`

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Use a factory to create `FileCollection` instances in a few more places.

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Use fully-qualified @o.g.a.Incubating in packages

This is a less verbose, less awkward syntax and allows for simpler

programmatic addition / removal when neccessary.

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Introduce ModelMap extends CollectionBuilder and allow to use them interchangeably in rules

+review REVIEW-5491

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Don't use convention mappings in publishing plugins.

+review REVIEW-5387

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Don't graph-close task container model node when selecting tasks for execution

+review REVIEW-5370

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Don't require class level Javadoc on package scope classes in the “public space”.

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Change rule source marking from annotation to base class

+review REVIEW-5359

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Remove AppliedPlugins and make PluginManager the public replacement for PluginContainer.

+review REVIEW-5298

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Add apply(String) and apply(Class) to PluginAware.

+review REVIEW-5298

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Remove PluginAwareInternal.

Snowballed into completely rewriting PluginManager and parts of DefaultPluginContainer.

+review REVIEW-5214

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Deprecate PluginContainer.apply(Class) and PluginContainer.apply(String)

+review REVIEW-5239

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Add some comments about violating rule input immutability

+review REVIEW-5176

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Configuration performed to “bridged” model element made in afterEvaluate() is visible to creation rule

+review REVIEW-5176

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Replace uses of model rules with rule source classes.

The goal is to get rid of the model rules class to make evolving the model registry easier. Only benefit of this change at this point is the improved error reporting due to the strong rule identity provided by rule sources.

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Added publish plugin services and made a ProjectDependencyPublicationResolver available as a service.

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Added type parameter to NotationParser to represent the source type.

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Moved NotationParser to a new package.

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Initial work on new rule based configuration model, integrated into the publishing plugin.

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Ensure that the GenerateMavenPom and GenerateIvyDescriptor tasks show up in 'gradle tasks'

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replace usages of TaskContainer.add with TaskContainer.create

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Switch PublicationContainer to use new Polymorphic container infrastructure

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Create publishToMavenLocal lifecycle task early, rather than waiting for publishing extension to be configured

Made PublishingExtension implement DeferredConfigurable - Updated MavenPublishPlugin and IvyPublishPlugin to only configure the PublishingExtension and not access - Configure the PublishingExtension in Project.afterEvaluate() to ensure that tasks are created

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REVIEW-1218: Removed magic parsing of filename when constructing publication artifact from file - Only carry extension from file to published artifact: everything else will be configured explicitly.

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Reworked package structure to remove package cycle (both ivy & maven)

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Introduced separate identifier for ivy publications - Use IvyProjectIdentity instead of Module for identifying ivy publication - Ivy publication identifier is now based on a snapshot of project state at time publication was created - Fixed ivy publication so that ivy status is correctly populated in descriptor - Added some basic integ test coverage for ivy status - Moved MavenProjectIdentity.getPackaging() onto MavenPomInternal

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Some tweaks to the output of `gradle tasks` when using the publishing plugins.

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Use constructor injection instead of looking up FileResolver on Project (REVIEW-1524)

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Tidied up construction of NotationParsers (REVIEW-1214) - Replaced TopLevelNotationParser with Factory<NotationParser<T>> - Renamed *NotationParser to *NotationParserFactory where appropriate - Still need to look at ProjectDependencyNotationParser as it doesn't follow the pattern

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