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Limit work in progress labels to 80 characters when the width of the console is not known (e.g. when running under Mintty or from the tooling API), to make wrapping less likely. Wrapping of the labels currently doesn't work particularly well on some consoles.

Also generate less garbage on each 'update now' console event.

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Change styled label to use predefined styles

Use events.StyledTextOutputEvent.Span instead of text.Span

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Color the progress bar in the console

For this, the ProgressEvent is enriched with the actual progress

information as int values and the progress bar rendering is moved

to the client.

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Add functional test coverage for build status display

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Build elapsed time summary (#1689)

* Indicate Gradle's continued progress in the format `3h 23m 2s`

* Improve AntLoggingAdapterTest to avoid flaky test

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