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Relax what we check for in the daemon health stats unit test

Make test Locale independent

Introduce test that simulates GC activity

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Rework daemon GC/memory expiration checks

- Do not sniff for VM vendor to figure out which GC strategies may be used

- Rename permgen -> non-heap in most places, Java 8+ uses metaspace for this memory pool

- Rename tenured -> heap

- Only add GarbageCollectionEvents to the observation window when there's been a GC collection

- This simplifies the calculation of GC rate

- Non-heap memory pools are not GC'd

- Re-enable daemon performance soak test

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Do not wait on memory status event on daemon startup

We only need Runtime.getRuntime().maxMemory() in DaemonHealthStats

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Refine memory sampling event publishing

Merge MemoryStatusBroadcaster into MemoryManager

Broadcast start/stop is now isolated in MemoryManager

DaemonHealthStats wait for one JVM memory event

Strengthen tests around health logging

Services depend on ExecutorFactory to use ScheduledExecutorServices

And stop them properly

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Refine memory sampling event publishing

Move MemoryStatusBroadcaster startup to DefaultGradleLauncherFactory

Add support for ScheduledExecutors to ExecutorFactory

& Stoppable & honoring ExecutorPolicy

Move global scheduled executor creation to GlobalScopeServices

Don’t use anonymous broadcasters

DaemonHealthStats now consume memory sampling events

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Move process memory related code into :core

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Fix meminfo reading on Linux systems.

- Improve calculation of free memory on Linux 3.x where MemAvailable

is not available. Add Linux 3.x tests

- Break MemoryInfo apart into classes using Strategy pattern for

getting available memory depending on OS

- Eliminate unnecessary logic in LowMemoryDaemonExpirationStrategy

+review REVIEW-6218

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Introduce DaemonRunningStats and detangle daemon classes.

Introducing this exposed incestuous relationships between packages that triggered the restructure.


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