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Use DSL convenience instead of `set()` method to set value of some properties in tests.

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Fixed some unit tests for changes to `Directory` and `RegularFile`.

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Added a little more unit test coverage for the Swift plugins.

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Fixed broken unit tests on Windows.

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Allow the Swift module name for a component to be specified on the `library` or `executable` extension. Also changed the default module name to be the capitalized project name (it was the project name previously).

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Changed the C++ executable plugin to allow the source files of the executable to be declared and queried. Adds an `executable` extension to the project that build logic can use to declare the source files.

Also change the behaviour so that the convention location is only used if no source locations are defined, similar to how the Swift plugins behave.

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Changed the behaviour of the Swift plugins so that the convention for where to find the source files is applied only if no source files or directories are specified by the build logic. Previously, it was applied _in addition to_ the locations explicitly specified.

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Changed the Swift executable and library plugins to add an `executable` or `library` extension to the project to allow the source files of the component to be configured by build logic.

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Initial Support for Swift in Current Model (#2284)

Spike Swift compilation for executable and module (shared library) with dependency management and composite build support.

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