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Expose the variant name and header directories for each C++ binary in the C++ tooling model.

Rework construction of the native binary models so that the binary names are not formatted and parsed a bunch of times during construction and so do not lose information.

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Fixed names for C++ publications and variants in publications.

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Improve XCTestConventionPlugin test coverage on Windows

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Address code review comments

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Regroup bundle creation code in `SwiftBasePlugin`

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Changed the C++ plugins so that `Configuration` instances are created and wired up as the convention plugins register components and binaries, rather than assuming that exactly one variant of exactly one component is produced by a project.

This change doesn't add any public mechanism for registering components or binaries, it simply removes some assumptions from the various plugins.

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Changed the XCTest plugin so that it registers a component that represents the test suite.

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Changed the Swift library and executable plugins to produce debug and release variants of the library or executable.

Currently, both variants share the same dependencies, which means that the debug variant of a library is always selected regardless of which variant of the consuming component is being built.

Also added some modelling of XCTest suites.

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