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Only set install name on Windows and Linux

Replace Callable, Transformer, Action in NativeBasePlugin with lambdas

Remove use of providers.provider in several places in native base plugin

Use linker task target platform instead

Remove TODO

Set `installName` for linux target

Change the C++ tooling model builder so that it does not attempt to resolve task dependencies to infer how to build the various C++ binaries, Instead add properties to the C++ project model to allow the builder to query these tasks and build logic to explicitly define what they should be.

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Use new task API in native plugins

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Make most of C++ plugin tasks lazily created

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Allow native publications with custom coordinates

The `afterEvaluate {}` block in the native base plugin

was overwriting any user-specified logic.

Replacing it with the Provider API fixes this issue and

also allows late changes to the defaults.

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Deprecate DeferredConfigurable

Remove it from the publishing plugins, as they no longer require it.

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Move buildable and publishable component types to core-api

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Merge pull request #4411 from gradle/gh/stable-native/vs-new-model

Visual Studio support for new native plugins

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refactor NativeBasePlugin into multiple methods

Introduce Buildable and Publishable components to mark variants that can be published

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Change executable debuggable file to be the installed executable

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Use identity name for publication name

Reference producer attributes from identity

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Simplify naming

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Somewhat working

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Convert operating system attribute into extensible family name attribute

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Some more work

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Add binary operating system as attribute for Swift and C++

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Fix test failures

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Retain boolean getters for Property<Boolean> properties for now

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Migrate all link task properties to Provider API

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Added an (internal for now) `names` property to each C++ and Swift binary, which code that needs to construct names for the binary can use instead of reverse engineering this from the name of the binary. This allows for different binaries to use different schemes (which they already do but communicate this through special names).

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Moved an interface out of public API, as it wasn't supposed to be there.

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Moved responsibility for defining the Maven publications for a native component down to the `NativeBasePlugin` and out of the various C++ plugins.

Also publish the static variant of a C++ library if it is defined.

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Moved definition of the outgoing link and runtime configurations for each binary to the native base plugin from the various language specific plugins.

The shared and static variants of a library are made available for consumption by another local project, with a `linkage` attribute to disambiguate between them. The shared linkage is preferred over the static linkage.

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