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Extract core JVM platform classes into new subproject ‘platform-jvm’

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Inject FunctionalSourceSet into ComponentSpec at creation time

- introduce ComponentSpecInternal to access "mainSourceSet"

+review REVIEW-5076

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more renamings

ProjectBinary -> BinarySpec

ProjectBinaryInternal -> BinarySpecInternal

ProjectJarBinary -> JarBinarySpec

ProjectJvmLibraryBinary -> JvmLibraryBinarySpec

ProjectNativeBinaryTest -> NativeBinarySpecTest

+ several default implementations according to their related interfaces

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rename ProjectJvmLibrary to JvmLibrarySpec

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Rename: NamedProjectComponentIdentifier -> ComponentSpecIdentifier

- No longer extends ProjectComponentIdentifier, which represents an instance/binary

- Plan is to rename ProjectComponent -> ComponentSpec

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Replace uses of model rules with rule source classes.

The goal is to get rid of the model rules class to make evolving the model registry easier. Only benefit of this change at this point is the improved error reporting due to the strong rule identity provided by rule sources.

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Added JavaToolChain to ProjectJvmLibraryBinary

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Hoisted ProjectNativeComponentInternal.getProjectPath() up to ProjectComponent

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Introduced a separate ProjectJvmLibrary for a library component built by Gradle

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A bunch of work on the Jvm binary model

- Renamed JarBinary -> ProjectJarBinary

- need a better naming scheme, but this is consistent

- Introduced ProjectJarBinaryInternal and ClassDirectoryBinaryInternal

- ProjectJvmBinary has classesDir and resourcesDir

- ProjectJarBinary has jarFile

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Introduced JarBinary type to JVM component model

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Include resources from all ResourceSets in JvmLibraryBinary jar

- ProjectJvmBinary is a binary built by Gradle for the jvm runtime

- Added JvmBinaryTasks to provide access to all tasks associated with a ProjectJvmBinary

- Added classesDir and jarFile properties that are configured on construction

- Attach a ProcessResources task for each ResourceSet

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Wire sources from JvmLibrary into JvmLibraryBinary

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Added 'jvmLibraries' container and renamed 'libraries' to 'softwareComponents'

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Introduced single container for all software components

- Added SoftwareComponent, SoftwareComponentContainer and Application types

- native component types extend base types

- Replaced LibraryContainer with SoftwareComponentContainer (not yet filtered)

- Replaced custom ExecutableContainer with filtered view over 'components'

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Reorganised package structure of language-jvm project

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