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Dogfood ImmutableFileCollection on production code (#4988)

Use ImmutableFileCollection in production code

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Allow worker actions to return a custom result

This will be necessary to transferm annotation

processing information from the compiler worker

back to the main daemon. The Compiler API already

returns a WorkResult, but until now this result

was discarded and a standard result instance

was returned instead.

This change allows worker actions to implement

Callable<WorkResult> and lets the compiler daemons

make use of this. In subsequent changes the compiler

will use a custom subclass that exposes more information.

This change does not affect the public WorkerExecutor API.

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Add `@Nullable` to `@Optional` task inputs

where applicable.

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Deprecated `PropertyState` interface, which is replaced by `Property`. Deprecated the ``, `` and `` methods, which are replaced by ``.

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Extracted public `Property` interface out of `PropertyState` as a first step in renaming. Changed other public APIs, except for the factory methods, to use `Property` instead of `PropertyState`.

Also moved factory method to create a `ListProperty<T>` from `ProviderFactory` to `ObjectFactory`.

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Replace CompileOptions.bootClasspath with FileCollection property

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Removed some unused type parameters.

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Removed the `workerImplementationClass` parameter from `WorkerFactory.getWorker()` as the implementation class is a detail of the worker factory and is a constant for a given worker factory.

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Move instantiator from spec to invocation

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Make compiler daemons sensitive to only BaseForkOptions

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Add missing exception message

Replace usages of org.gradle.api.Nullable

With javax.annotation.Nullable.

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Fix issue with duplicate compiler daemons and add reuse tests

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Fix setter selection in presence of multiple setters (#2386)

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Make worker daemons sensitive to all java fork options

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Compiler daemons use un-serialized execution specs

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Align compiler daemons with worker daemon infrastructure

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Refactor WorkerFactory so that the idle working dir is injected on the server side

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Remove setClasspath(Provider<FileCollection>)

A Provider for a FileCollection will be unnecessary soon, so we

shouldn't add it.

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Use providers instead of convention mapping

+review REVIEW-6502

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Do not track JVM memory settings as inputs to the task

+review REVIEW-6512

Added type parameter to `Worker` and related types, to describe what kinds of work the worker will accept.

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Changed `Worker` interface and worker daemon protocol to better separate the data (what to run) from the behaviour (how to run it). Now, all the data is included in the spec, and all the behaviour is included in the worker server implementation. Previously some of the data and behaviour also lived in the `WorkerAction` instance.

This change allows the worker server implementation, which is long running, better insight into the work to run so that it can, for example, inject long running services into the work.

Also moved the serialization of worker parameters so that it is done in the registration thread rather than the worker thread.

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Renamed AbstractDaemonCompiler to AbstractWorkerCompiler


- DaemonJavaCompiler to WorkerJavaCompiler (supports both in-process and daemon workers)

- DaemonGroovyCompiler to WorkerGroovyCompiler (support both in-process and daemon workers)

- DaemonScalaCompiler to WorkerDaemonScalaCompiler (daemon workers only)

- DaemonPlayCompiler to WorkerDaemonPlayCompiler (daemon workers only)

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Non-forked Java compilation now uses in-process workers

Simplified AbstractDaemonCompiler and its type hierarchy.

Remove usage of some org.gradle.workers.internal types.

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Dogfood WorkerExecutor for java/groovy/scala compilation in worker daemons

Plus in-process groovy compilation

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Internal types, methods and variables renames in :workers

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Revert "Merge pull request #1486 from gradle/pm-parallel-in-process-workers"

This reverts commit 861bc80fe733f1ab6790860182a20957786e0711, reversing

changes made to cf20021050069a63b7ae629717eb663d95074997.

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WorkerDaemonAction implements Describable

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WorkerDaemonAction implements Describable

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