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Changed the API for creating worker processes, so that the worker action must always be supplied.

Also introduced a couple of interfaces to present the API.

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Removed the now unused 'app-in-isolated-classloader' worker process ClassLoader strategy.

This strategy is more flexible in terms of process reuse than the 'app-in-system-classloader', but it's flexibility we're not using at this stage.

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Add @Override where missing in production software model sources

Prior to this change, the affected submodules had 2044 occurrences of

the @Override annotation. With this commit, there are now 3492

occurrences. This suggests some divergence in IDE settings, either

across developers, across time, or both. At the moment, it appears that

IDEA (15 CE) is configured correctly to add @Override automatically.

This same refactoring should probably be done globally acrosse the

Gradle codebase, but has been constrained here to software model-related

submodules (a) because it is what the author is responsible for and (b)

because significant refactoring of type hierarchies is underway there

right now--the kind of work most likely to benefit from the compiler

checks that proper use of @Override affords.

Should this same refactoring be applied globally, it would be worth

looking into enforcing consistent use of @Override via checkstyle or

similar at the same time.

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Moved `ArgWriter` to baseServices project, so that it can be used from more places.

+review REVIEW-5806

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Revert "Disable java.net.URL cache for Compiler Daemons"

This reverts commit fe65dc18b4fab82d01bd98792302c97bc6284559.

+review REVIEW-5748

Disable java.net.URL cache for Compiler Daemons

- disabled only in continuous build

- fixes GRADLE-3370

+review REVIEW-5748

Apply Groovy memory leak prevention to in-process Groovy compilation.

[JDK9] Uses application in system classloader

fix leftcurly and rightcurly checkstyle issues when using latest checkstyle version

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Allow Logger and LogLevel through in logging class loader of InProcessCompilerDaemonFactory to fix some casting errors.

+review REVIEW-5417

Added a caching ClassLoader in ClassLoader graph.

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Revert "Checkstyle"

This reverts commit cc94e43aeb583a956fd51ea7c91c6f5ee1744e50.

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Reuse slf4j classes loaded by the compiler's classloader in the compilation worker class loader when compiling in process

+review REVIEW-5417

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Require NativeServices to be initialized prior to use

+review REVIEW-5378

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Making PropertyAccessor generic

+review REVIEW-5337

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Jvm target: re-add setters for source/target compatibility

Move source and target compat methods where they belong

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Clean up by removing platform from Java CompileTask

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Move back source/target compatibility where it should be defined

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Moved language-jvm/src/main/groovy -> src/main/java

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