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Moved ProjectNativeComponent.getBinaries() up to ProjectComponent

- Tests for configuring binaries of ProjectJvmLibrary

- Also moved getDisplayName() up

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Use correct destination dir for resources tasks

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A bunch of work on the Jvm binary model

- Renamed JarBinary -> ProjectJarBinary

- need a better naming scheme, but this is consistent

- Introduced ProjectJarBinaryInternal and ClassDirectoryBinaryInternal

- ProjectJvmBinary has classesDir and resourcesDir

- ProjectJarBinary has jarFile

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Updated compiler error message checks to be compatible with Windows - Will need to see what IBM JDK produces…

Added test for incremental build using new java-lang plugin

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Test for failing compilation with ‘java-lang’ plugin

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Test that empty jar is built when no sources or resources are supplied

Moved some integ tests into languageJvm

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Moved source directory conventions out of ‘cpp’ project into ‘languageBase’

- Still using a ProjectConfigurationAction instead of ModelRule

- Added more integration tests for building components from Java sources

- Test configuration of source locations

- Build mixed native/jvm project with real sources

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A few more test cases and open issues for the spec

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Compile java sources included in JvmLibraryBinary

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Another test fix

Better output path for generated jvm library jars

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Fix test: empty jar is created for jvm binary with no sources

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Include resources from all ResourceSets in JvmLibraryBinary jar

- ProjectJvmBinary is a binary built by Gradle for the jvm runtime

- Added JvmBinaryTasks to provide access to all tasks associated with a ProjectJvmBinary

- Added classesDir and jarFile properties that are configured on construction

- Attach a ProcessResources task for each ResourceSet

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Wire sources from JvmLibrary into JvmLibraryBinary

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Integration test for additional jvm source sets for library

Good behaviour test for ‘java-lang’ plugin

Use the ‘jar’ task in the jvm-component plugin

- Moved the package from ‘plugins’ to ‘language-jvm’

- Moved org.gradle.api.tasks.bundling.Jar -> org.gradle.runtime.jvm.tasks

- Left the existing task type as a stub extending the new task type

- Replaced Zip with Jar in the ‘jvm-component’ plugin

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Create a java & resources source set for each project source set

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Continue to extract generic infrastructure out of ‘cpp’:

- Moved ‘source’ property from

- ProjectNativeComponent -> ProjectComponent

- ProjectNativeBinary -> ProjectBinary

- Moved SourceSetNotationParser into ‘language-base’

- Create a functional source set for every ProjectComponent instance created.

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Fix integration test

Use an extension to namespace the jvm component containers

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Added 'jvmLibraries' container and renamed 'libraries' to 'softwareComponents'

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Create a lifecycle task for each JvmLibraryBinary and wire into project lifecycle

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Wire lifecycle task into JvmLibraryBinary - DefaultJvmLibraryBinary implements BinaryInternal - Provide naming scheme to DefaultJvmLibraryBinary

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Create a JvmLibraryBinary for every JvmLibrary defined

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Added 'jvm-component' plugin that registers support for JvmLibrary type

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