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Changed a bunch of integration tests to use the various task assertion methods instead of directly querying the `executedTasks` and `skippedTasks` collections. These methods can give better diagnostics when the assertion fails, and can perform additional checks.

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Raise minimum build JVM version to Java 8

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Use daemon by default when forking from embedded executor

The Play! integration tests always fork a new process

so that they can cancel it. The embedded executor was

using no-daemon mode when asked for a forking handle.

This is now changed to use a daemon instead, greatly

speeding up the Play! integreation tests in embedded


I stumbled over a bug in our module registry that made

it impossible to run anything in IntelliJ in embedded

mode that used a type from the "plugins" project.

I suspect that some "requireDistribution" usages might

be just because of this bug. We should definitely check that.

There was also some inconsistency in how the embedded executor

handled jvm args and environment variables when it forked a

process. This went unnoticed because it wasn't using the daemon

and the arguments it was missing were to work around issues in

daemon mode. This is now fixed by extending the daemon executor.

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Fix test

Now we track the version, not the Java version.

+review REVIEW-6467

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Track only the major version of the Java toolchain

+review REVIEW-6467

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