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Deprecate Jetty plugin

+review REVIEW-6139

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Stop Jetty via the monitor instead of aborting the build process

+review REVIEW-5979

DefaultExecHandle propagates InterruptedException to make it abortable Do not wait for GradleProcess to end in JettyIntegrationSpec

+review REVIEW-5979

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Remove now unused workaround in JettyIntegrationSpec Include Contributor in release notes

Pull-request #643

Jira GRADLE-2263

+review REVIEW-5983

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Jetty integration tests - New shot at fixing test for Daemon

+review REVIEW-5979

Jetty integration tests - Ignore test for today

+review REVIEW-5979

Jetty integration tests - Add workaround for Monitor to fix daemonIntegTest

+review REVIEW-5979

Jetty integration tests - address changes from review

+review REVIEW-5979

Integration test coverage for the jetty plugin

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