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Merge pull request #10208 from gradle/wolfs/deprecations/jacoco

This reverts commit b312db3e00bd27e35b289e4f95368db76601aea2.

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Revert "Merge pull request #10208 from gradle/wolfs/deprecations/jacoco"

The changes break the Kotlin plugin smoke test.

This reverts commit ad214c71e2a996e26898ad8eb3dc4d1c4d50ee51, reversing

changes made to d019884cc118a3ece9616e16928850f153cac081.

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Revert "Remove deprecated methods from Jacoco types"

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Remove deprecate methods from Jacoco types

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Use external repository mirrors in build (#6094)

We've been bitten by external repository fluctuation for a long time.

This PR makes most of tests use repository mirrors set up by ourselves

via init script and system property.

There're still some tests not switching to mirrors, which would be fixed

in follow-up commits.

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Rename Jacoco’s classDumpFile to classDumpDir

Deprecated the old property in favor of the new.

+review REVIEW-6418

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Use task name that better expresses intent

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Assign group and description for tasks

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Flag test that fails offline

Use AbstractProjectBuilderSpec for JacocoPluginSpec

This should solve the problem with leaking file handles.


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Add LeaksFileHandles to JacocoPluginSpec

Using the TestNameTestDirectoryProvider deletes the test

directory exposing leaking file handles


Use test directory provider for JacocoPluginSpec

Should ensure that the test files are deleted after test execution.


Unroll unit test



+review REVIEW-6084

Make JacocoTaskException configurable again

Fixes [GRADLE-3498]


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Convert Jacoco plugin to Java

+review REVIEW-5933

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GRADLE-2764 Fixed the issue with jacoco html report was missing the line numbers (source code decoration).

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renamed HelperUtil to TestUtil (REVIEW-1626)

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Changed DefaultTaskContainer, DefaultSourceSetContainer and DefaultConfigurationContainer to nag about the use of deprecated add() methods.

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change package name for jacoco plugins; use conventionmapping when setting JacocoReport#destFile from JacocoPlugin.

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