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Introduced separate identifier for ivy publications - Use IvyProjectIdentity instead of Module for identifying ivy publication - Ivy publication identifier is now based on a snapshot of project state at time publication was created - Fixed ivy publication so that ivy status is correctly populated in descriptor - Added some basic integ test coverage for ivy status - Moved MavenProjectIdentity.getPackaging() onto MavenPomInternal

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Some tweaks to the output of `gradle tasks` when using the publishing plugins.

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Added FileResolver.asNotationParser() - for cases where we need to convert notation first to a File before transforming to an end result - Single location to differentiate between file notation errors & file resolution errors

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Remove the 'file:' map mechanism for creating publication artifacts (source:) supercedes it (REVIEW-1217)

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Tidied up construction of NotationParsers (REVIEW-1214) - Replaced TopLevelNotationParser with Factory<NotationParser<T>> - Renamed *NotationParser to *NotationParserFactory where appropriate - Still need to look at ProjectDependencyNotationParser as it doesn't follow the pattern

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Use TaskDependency.add(TaskDependency) to avoid a custom artifact subclasses (REVIEW-1542, REVIEW-1522)

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Validate IvyArtifacts in service layer when publishing - Moved some checks from domain into ValidatingIvyPublisher - Added some validation for artifact attributes

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Validate publication coordinates when publishing to ivy repository - Introduced IvyPublisher interface and ValidatingIvyPublisher implementation - Added more tests for support of different characters in ivy publishing, including resolving the published modules

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Handle null values for ext, type, classifier on ivy artifact

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Added classifier support to ivy publishing - Honour classifier value in filename, archive, or publishartifact - Generate correct maven namespaced element in ivy.xml

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Added 'conf' attribute to IvyArtifact, allow this to specified in ivy.xml - Don't supply conf attribute by default: will use the ivy.xml default value of '*' - Use the configuration value of a ModuleDependency to get the right hand side of the <dependency> configuration mapping. - Do a lot more ivy.xml configuration checking in integ tests.

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Moved setting of IvyArtifacts back off IvyConfiguration and onto IvyPublication - IvyConfiguration is a lightweight representation of a configuration element in ivy.xml - Copy runtime dependencies from Component when configured, rather than holding onto Component and doing this lazily - Added IvyDescriptorFileGenerator for translating directly from IvyPublication to ivy.xml - Translating IvyPublication -> org.apache.ivy.ModuleDescriptor -> ivy.xml meant that we couldn't produce certain ivy.xml features (like conf="*"). - Updated MavenPomFileGeneratorTest to use XmlSlurper rather than comparing actual file output. - Removed custom configurations from many integ tests - still need to add ability to set configuration on artifact/dependency - still need to add tests for configurations in ivy.xml

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Reorganised the package structure of ivy.publish - Moved IvyPublisher and related service classes into internal.publisher - Moved tasks.internal -> internal.plugins to be more consistent

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REVIEW-1268: More publication cleanup - Use instantiator to decorate IvyArtifactSet - Renamed IvyArtifactSet.addArtifact() -> artifact() - Allow 'source' key in map-based artifact notation - Don't bind IvyArtifactNotationParser to Project: use FileResolver

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Started rolling improvements to maven publishing over into ivy publishing (REVIEW-1268) - Prevent publishing artifact that is directory - Better error messages for publication validation failures - Many integration test improvements for ivy publication - Test for non-ascii characters in artifact names - Test for org/module/artifact/version/etc values containing whitespace

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ArtifactFile only cares about the version string, not the module (REVIEW-1218)

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Introduced IvyConfiguration to ivy-publish DSL - Added IvyConfigurationContainer and IvyConfiguration with implementations - IvyArtifacts are now added to a particular IvyConfiguration of an IvyPublication - Removed various IvyPublication.artifact* methods - Specifying a component to publish constructs the "default" and "runtime" configurations - Published artifacts are the union of artifacts from all configurations - Ivy descriptor is generated from declared configurations, rather than assuming a fixed set.

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Ensure that IvyArtifact and MavenArtifact do not return null values that cause publishing to fail

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Added final artifact customisation methods to IvyPublication - Currently these methods are planned to move to IvyConfiguration - Still need DSL docs etc

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Validate existence of artifact files when publishing with ivy-publish

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Set IvyArtifact.type == extension for file-based artifacts. - Need to decide if we need to support classifier in published ivy patterns.

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Started adding custom artifact support to ivy-publish plugin (based on maven-publish support) - Added IvyArtifact and IvyArtifactSet - Replaced use of PublishArtifact with IvyArtifact - Added IvyPublication.artifact(source) and IvyPublication.artifact(source, config) - Added IvyArtifactNotationParser and various implementations of IvyArtifact for file/archive/publishArtifact

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Cleaned up configuration of descriptorFile on IvyPublication - Can no longer specify descriptorFile directly on publication, this is done by setting destination on GenerateIvyDescriptor task - Default destination is configured directly on GenerateIvyDescriptor task - GenerateIvyDescriptor task supplies ivy descriptor to IvyPublication as a PublishArtifact

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Codenarc fix

DefaultIvyModuleDescriptor is no longer Buildable - Wire generator task directly into DefaultIvyPublication - All dependencies of PublishToIvyRepository are managed via IvyPublication.getPublishableFiles()

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Moved XmlTransformer to a dedicated package.

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Replaced IvyModuleDescriptor.file with IvyPublication.descriptorFile

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Change the ivy module descriptor task name pattern to “generate«Publication-name»IvyModuleDescriptor”, using "" if the publication name is “ivy”.

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Don't have the IvyArtifactRepository create the IvyPublisher, use the DependencyResolver from it instead to create it.

This removes any trace of the new publishing stuff from core/coreImpl and allows some simplification.

We may find over time that this leads to some awkward duplication, but for the time being I'm favouring touching as little as possible in existing code.

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Some minor improvements too the thing that creates descriptor generation tasks for ivy publications.

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