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Add task to publish all publications to a single Ivy repository

Similarly to the task added for Maven repositories

Fixes #8509

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Make Ivy project identity live

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Revert "Flag a bunch of tests that @LeaksFileHandlers"

Now that the NativeServices initialization is fixed, these tests should

no longer leak file handles on Windows. Let's see.

This reverts commit af9d437b589adbe6688c2c7ec82eb3ba31fa5336.

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Flag a bunch of tests that @LeaksFileHandlers

- Now that we're correctly registering the cleanup rules, these

leaks are causing build failures on windows.

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Extracted a base specification which can be used for writing software model plugin unit tests, from various existing unit tests.

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Move ModelRegistryHelper functionality to Groovy extension module

+review REVIEW-5715

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Don't graph-close task container model node when selecting tasks for execution

+review REVIEW-5370

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Push the class to rule extractor into the registry, to allow nodes etc. to accept RuleSource classes.

While it bothers me slightly that we are pushing knowledge of a particular type of rule representation into the registry, it saves having to cart some extra stuff around.

+review REVIEW-5353

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Collection mutation rule specifies input taking mutation rule for particular model element

+review REVIEW-5353

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Revert selective task closing work.

Too much breakage.

+review REVIEW-5350

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Wire the model registry into the “task selector”, effectively enabling configure-on-demand for rule based task declarations.

Rather than eagerly “realize” the whole task container and its contents, we now only realize the container itself.

This means that we know of all the tasks that will exist without actually creating them.

If a task (declared by rules) is not needed for a build (i.e. not selected, not depended on) it will not be created.

However, our rule based plugins at this time contain coarse rules that don't allow this feature to be leveraged.

Benefits will only be seen right now for contrived domains.

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Deprecate PluginContainer.apply(Class) and PluginContainer.apply(String)

+review REVIEW-5239

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Go back to adding model rules for tasks as soon as they are added to the task container

+review REVIEW-5176

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Moved a few classes to live in org.gradle.internal.xml and org.gradle.internal.html

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Extract ModelRegistryValidatingConfigurationAction from TaskModelRealizingConfigurationAction

+review REVIEW-5176

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Configuration performed to “bridged” model element made in afterEvaluate() is visible to creation rule

+review REVIEW-5176

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Test fixes are API change.

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Remove some use of String as a model path.

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Initial work on new rule based configuration model, integrated into the publishing plugin.

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renamed HelperUtil to TestUtil (REVIEW-1626)

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Can now set 'status' on IvyModuleDescriptor and 'packaging' on MavenPom - Updated release notes to document breaking change to default 'status' in ivy publication - No longer set status of IvyPublication from Project.status

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Switch PublicationContainer to use new Polymorphic container infrastructure

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REVIEW-1651: Renamed IvyProjectIdentity -> IvyPublicationIdentity

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Reworked package structure to remove package cycle (both ivy & maven)

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Introduced separate identifier for ivy publications - Use IvyProjectIdentity instead of Module for identifying ivy publication - Ivy publication identifier is now based on a snapshot of project state at time publication was created - Fixed ivy publication so that ivy status is correctly populated in descriptor - Added some basic integ test coverage for ivy status - Moved MavenProjectIdentity.getPackaging() onto MavenPomInternal

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Reorganised the package structure of ivy.publish - Moved IvyPublisher and related service classes into internal.publisher - Moved tasks.internal -> internal.plugins to be more consistent

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Started adding custom artifact support to ivy-publish plugin (based on maven-publish support) - Added IvyArtifact and IvyArtifactSet - Replaced use of PublishArtifact with IvyArtifact - Added IvyPublication.artifact(source) and IvyPublication.artifact(source, config) - Added IvyArtifactNotationParser and various implementations of IvyArtifact for file/archive/publishArtifact

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Moved XmlTransformer to a dedicated package.

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Hoist the generation of the Ivy module descriptor up to a separate task.

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Change ivy-publish plugin to not create “main” things, and to use a different task naming strategy.


1. The implicit publication is named “ivy” (reversion)

2. No repository is created by default (reversion)

3. Dynamically created tasks are named “publish«PUBLICATION NAME»PublicationTo«REPOSITORY NAME»Repository.

The task name leaves something to be desired.

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