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Revert "Temporarily reverting everything since 810f052813ea0835dc7e9d3eb87bca005815db64 for 3.0-milestone-1 release"

This reverts commit 506f8ce9d6dc1a81e8ff10575c512778ca2f382a.

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Temporarily reverting everything since 810f052813ea0835dc7e9d3eb87bca005815db64 for 3.0-milestone-1 release

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Bind task input files to properties

This change introduces a binding between task properties and input files. Input annotations automatically register property values to the corresponding property name.

The `TaskInputs` API gained new methods with an `include` prefix that allow more flexible configuration of input properties, including specifying the property name to bind the files to. The old methods have been deprecated.

Properties that were not assigned a property name will be bound to a sequence of pseudo names like `$1`, `$2` etc.

+review REVIEW-6038

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Mark any un-annotated task properties with `@Internal`

+review REVIEW-5932

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Use fully-qualified @o.g.a.Incubating in packages

This is a less verbose, less awkward syntax and allows for simpler

programmatic addition / removal when neccessary.

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Extracted a super interface out of `FileResolver` and changed a bunch of things to use the new interface.

`FileResolver` drags in a lot of baggage, and a more focused interface allows things to declare which parts they actually need. Also helps bust up some cycles between `FileResolver` and the things it needs.

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Use LocalMavenRepositoryLocator to find local repository for 'MavenInstall'

- No longer need to load the Maven settings files specifically for deploying to Maven repositories

- Remove custom task types for new 'maven-publish' plugin

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Review items for 'Make branch attribute available when publishing and resolving Ivy modules' story

- Changed extraInfo from a Map to an IvyExtraInfo with a map view

+review REVIEW-5059

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Addressing open issues for 'Make branch attribute available when publishing and resolving Ivy modules'

- Adding support for publishing extra info elements

- Change extra info map to use composite key for namespacing

+review REVIEW-5059

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Addressing open issues for 'Make branch attribute available when publishing and resolving Ivy modules' - Renaming IvyModuleDescriptor to IvyModuleDescriptorSpec +review REVIEW-5059

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First iteration of 'Make branch attribute available when publishing and resolving Ivy modules' story

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Moved some service construction out of PublishToIvyRepository task type and into the global scope. Defer lookup until they are required.

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Changed a bunch of task types to inject services via properties rather than constructor, so that internal services are not made (quite so) visible to subtypes and can be added or removed in a backwards compatible way, and to defer construction of services until they are used.

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Moved some internal classes out of org.gradle.api.internal to live under org.gradle.internal

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A bit more detangling of build scoped services:

- Changed PluginServiceRegistry to allow a plugin to provide build scoped services

- Use this to provide DependencyManagementServices instance instead of treating as a special in core's BuildScopeServices.

- Provide IvyContextManager as a global service.

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Make sure Ivy context is setup before any Ivy stuff is touched during publishing.

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REVIEW-1684: Polishing - Use the internal API instead of implementation class (that's what the internal API was added for!) - Leverage DomainObjectCollection instead of resorting to ugly old Java

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Added PublicationAwareRepository to represent a repository that knows how to publish stuff. This allows us to distinguish between converting a repository definition to a DependencyResolver to expose via the DSL for backwards compatiblity purposes, and converting a repository definition to something that can publish. This also allows different types to be used in the DSL and for publishing (we don't make use of this yet).

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Don't assume that all dependencies for a Usage are "runtime" in Ivy - Added IvyDependency api and impl which wraps a ModuleDependency and conf mapping string - Only currently used by components: user configuration of dependencies is not supported.

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REVIEW-1522, REVIEW-1544: Move classes and tests to better packages

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Reworked package structure to remove package cycle (both ivy & maven)

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Introduced separate identifier for ivy publications - Use IvyProjectIdentity instead of Module for identifying ivy publication - Ivy publication identifier is now based on a snapshot of project state at time publication was created - Fixed ivy publication so that ivy status is correctly populated in descriptor - Added some basic integ test coverage for ivy status - Moved MavenProjectIdentity.getPackaging() onto MavenPomInternal

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Validate publication coordinates when publishing to ivy repository - Introduced IvyPublisher interface and ValidatingIvyPublisher implementation - Added more tests for support of different characters in ivy publishing, including resolving the published modules

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Added 'conf' attribute to IvyArtifact, allow this to specified in ivy.xml - Don't supply conf attribute by default: will use the ivy.xml default value of '*' - Use the configuration value of a ModuleDependency to get the right hand side of the <dependency> configuration mapping. - Do a lot more ivy.xml configuration checking in integ tests.

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Moved setting of IvyArtifacts back off IvyConfiguration and onto IvyPublication - IvyConfiguration is a lightweight representation of a configuration element in ivy.xml - Copy runtime dependencies from Component when configured, rather than holding onto Component and doing this lazily - Added IvyDescriptorFileGenerator for translating directly from IvyPublication to ivy.xml - Translating IvyPublication -> org.apache.ivy.ModuleDescriptor -> ivy.xml meant that we couldn't produce certain ivy.xml features (like conf="*"). - Updated MavenPomFileGeneratorTest to use XmlSlurper rather than comparing actual file output. - Removed custom configurations from many integ tests - still need to add ability to set configuration on artifact/dependency - still need to add tests for configurations in ivy.xml

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Reorganised the package structure of ivy.publish - Moved IvyPublisher and related service classes into internal.publisher - Moved tasks.internal -> internal.plugins to be more consistent

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Use task.getOutputs().getFiles() instead of a custom file collection to wire GenerateIvyDescriptor task to publishing. (REVIEW-1269)

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Introduced IvyConfiguration to ivy-publish DSL - Added IvyConfigurationContainer and IvyConfiguration with implementations - IvyArtifacts are now added to a particular IvyConfiguration of an IvyPublication - Removed various IvyPublication.artifact* methods - Specifying a component to publish constructs the "default" and "runtime" configurations - Published artifacts are the union of artifacts from all configurations - Ivy descriptor is generated from declared configurations, rather than assuming a fixed set.

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Started adding custom artifact support to ivy-publish plugin (based on maven-publish support) - Added IvyArtifact and IvyArtifactSet - Replaced use of PublishArtifact with IvyArtifact - Added IvyPublication.artifact(source) and IvyPublication.artifact(source, config) - Added IvyArtifactNotationParser and various implementations of IvyArtifact for file/archive/publishArtifact

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Removed the need to construct a temporary configuration object to generate ivy.xml with ivy-publish plugin - Added a couple of methods to ModuleDescriptorConverter so parts can be used without creating Configuration - Refactored DependencyDescriptorFactory to separate internal factory implementations from delegating factory - GenerateIvyDescriptor task now directly builds an ivy ModuleDescriptor from the supplied publication

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