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New performance process (#10361)

This PR introduces new performance test process. See more details in https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1pghuxbCR5oYWhUrIK2e4bmABQt3NEIYOOIK4iHyjWyQ/edit#heading=h.is4fzcbmxxld

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Refactor old ReportGenerator

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Refactor old ReportGenerator

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Add sign to performance test graphs (#7870)

This PR did some improvements for https://github.com/gradle/gradle-private/issues/1685 . Previously we display confidence and difference in different graphs, which make it hard to recognize whether a high confidence result is improvement or regression. This PR adds a background color for the difference graph and sign to the confidence graph.

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Add two graphs to individual performance test page (#7605)

This PR closes https://github.com/gradle/gradle-private/issues/1619

- Add graph for the confidence of the failure.

- Add graph showing relative differences from to the current version.

- Use Java8 stream to refactor old data processing code.

- Refactor to get rid of old JSON string concatenation.

- Add tests for JSON data generation.

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