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Make stack collapse logic more robust

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Simplify DetailLevel enum

Collapse more infrastructure frames in simplified graphs

Remove unused method

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Make raw flame graphs more detailed

Combining the fine-grained detail of the unfiltered data with

a minimum width of 1 pixel was leaving large gaps in the graphs.

Instead, the raw graphs now use a higher resolution.

Use long options to make code more readable

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Create allocation and blocking flame graphs

This should help capture regressions that are not reflected in on-CPU time.

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Create raw flamegraphs alongside simplified ones

Most problems are easily visible in simplfied flame graphs.

They significantly reduce the mental load and will make diffs easier.

Some problems might require a look at the raw data though,

e.g. to spot the exaxt line number of a problematic frame.

For this purpose we now also generate flame graphs from the raw data.

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Collapse infrastructure methods on flame graphs

Gradle has a lot of infrastructure code which rarely changes.

These code paths rarely cause a regression and so it is sufficient

to view them as a single frame in most cases.

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Show simple type names in flame graphs

It is usually clear from the context which type is meant.

We could later add a "raw" flamegraph alongside it which contains full signatures.

Generate icicle graphs for hotspot analysis

Factor flame graph generation out of JfrProfiler

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