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Change `BlockingHttpServer` so that it can handle multiple concurrent requests to the same URL.

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Monitor execution timeout in build (#6078)

We have been bitten by execution timeout for a long time. Now we set a hourly timer when

integration tests start, and print all java processes' stack traces on the machine.

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Make task output parsing robust against sub progress loggers

Prior to this commit only logged status messages from subtasks and

"Compiling ... into cache" actions from embedded builds were recognized

as valid ends of task outputs. Now any action from an embedded build,

including "Deleting from versions-specific caches in ..." is handled.

Fixes gradle/gradle-private#1401.

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Fix flaky IntegrationTestTimeoutInterceptorSpec

Due to, sometimes

Groovy's Process.consumeProcessOutput can't catch subprocess's output

correctly. This commit fixes it by reading Process's output stream


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Ignore flaky test IntegrationTestTimeoutInterceptorSpec for now

Set timeout for AbstractIntegrationSpec (#5806)

We have been bitten by CI build exection timeout for a long time.

This PR introduces timeout for AbstractIntegrationSpec in order to

monitor execution timeout. Upon timeout, a spock interceptor can

print all threads' stack traces in all JVMs so that we can diagnose

the potential issues in other JVMs (daemons, test workers, etc.).

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Add a bunch of test coverage for the console and fix the work in progress display for projects in nested builds.

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Rename to ArtifactCacheLockingManager

The name CacheLockingManager suggested it was used to manage locking of

caches in general instead of just for the artifacts cache.

Resolves gradle/gradle-private#1338.

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Externalize samples testing infrastructure

This change replaces UserGuideSamplesRunner with an external library

called sample-check. Sample discovery, execution, and normalization

is delegated to this library, with some custom normalizers remaining

in the Gradle codebase.

Samples output has become co-located with the sample code. Samples tests

must be run with Java 8+.

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Do not run a task whose dependency in another build has failed and do not report a failure in an included build multiple times.

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Fix test fixture build failure query methods to handle multiple build failures.

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Fix broken test for OutputScrapingExecutionFailure

Change plain console to join stdout/stderr only when console is attached

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Strip illegal access warnings one-by-one

Prior to this commit the regex used was greedy and thus deleted all

output between the start of the first and the end of the last illegal

access warning.

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Ignore illegal access warnings when parsing the build outcome

Prior to this commit, JVM emitted warnings (e.g. for illegal access)

that were sometimes printed in the middle of the build outcome message

of integration tests caused tests to fail.

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Strip work in progress area when using OutputScrapingExecutionResult

This allows us to safely use this fixture even with the rich console tests.

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Fix flaky tests on rich console

Sometimes, the status bar and work in progress sections can flush

and end up on the same line as the build failure message. When this

happens, we can fail to split the output properly, causing tests to

be flaky.

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Write the build failure to stderr when using the plain console, so that the plain console behaviour is a somewhat backwards compatible wrt error reporting.

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Add some diagnostics to assertion failure message.

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Add a little more unit test coverage for test fixtures.

Fix minor flakiness with task status line scraping

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Add some more assertion methods to `ExecutionResult` and change several tests and utility methods to use these methods instead of reimplementing the logic.

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Clean up test fixtures, add more context to error messages, add some test coverage.

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Make the parallel mode test fixtures less special and instead reuse more of the behaviour of the base fixtures.

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Fix `ExecutionResult` task assertion methods to handle build output containing task output that is spread across more than one group.

Add more context to error messages when these assertion methods fail.

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Change MSBuild test fixture to extract the result of zero or more Gradle invocations from MSBuild output.

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Change test fixtures so that output assertion methods behave consistently for both failed and successful builds.

Add assertion methods to allow tests to express expectations about the post-build output they expect to be present in the build output.

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Change test fixtures to ignore the build failure log content when asserting that a log message is present, but not when asserting that a log message is not present.

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Support multiple version of Vintage/Jupiter in JUnitMultiVersion test

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Scan for both JUnit 4 and 5 classes

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