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Extracted key store fixture for testing HTTPS resource access

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Remove some logback leftovers.

+review REVIEW-5417

Add origin to stacktrace lines

Logback has this nifty feature to display the JAR that the problem came

from which can be very useful for debugging:

Revert "Another attempt at taming test logging."

This reverts commit 91559f05484f70ca3ff1d66ad3dfdf85c49de5f2.

This wasn't supposed to be comitted.

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Another attempt at taming test logging.

I chose to duplicate some of LogbackLoggingConfigurer instead of refactoring for reuse as I'm not confident in changing LogbackLoggingConfigurer and the requirements are slightly different for testing.

The intention was to use a test rule to reset the logging before each test. There's some awkwardness with this in that some of the logging comes from other rules, which may run before the logging reset rule. This means that rules that emit logging need to explicitly reset logging before doing so.

A better approach might be to have a baseline logback.xml on the classpath and then reset the configuration _after_ each test (in case it fiddles with the config).

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Revert "Attempt at using LogbackLoggingConfigurer to quieten the logging during test execution."

This reverts commit 447b18f03810d714bce23e8d925d49d957c34326.

Nope, that's not it.

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Attempt at using LogbackLoggingConfigurer to quieten the logging during test execution.

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Add a logback configuration to disable anything below WARN during integration tests.

GRADLE-2104 fix by adding jsch library classpath - add TestRule SftpServer - add IvySFtpPublishIntegrationTest for testing publishing using org.apache.ivy.plugins.resolver.SFTPResolver()

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