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Upgrade commons-lang{->3} replacing packages

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Support publishing optional dependencies

This commit adds support for publishing optional dependencies on Java libraries.

For now, this is really limited to Java libraries, but potentially the API can

be extended to other types of components.

If doing so, the user can attach an outgoing configuration to a Java published

component. This configuration will be considered "optional", in the sense that:

- all its dependencies will be mapped to the runtime scope of Maven components,

but using `<optional>true</optional>`

- if using Gradle metadata, additional variants will be published alongside the

main (`api` and `runtime`) variants of the library.

It is not allowed to publish an optional feature which doesn't declare at least

one capability.

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Add tests for publishing Java platforms

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Update tests for constraints published to POM

- Verify <dependencyManagement> elements published to POM files

- Update tests to demonstrate that resolution with Maven metadata is now

more similar to resolution with Gradle metadata.

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Revert "Revert "Merge branch 'cc-java-library-plugin'""

This reverts commit c6cd884e1a8889fb25d26dfcfdfa79d896835e11.

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Revert "Merge branch 'cc-java-library-plugin'"

This reverts commit 0d442a55b445f537efbce65267ce9418fce2e7a8, reversing

changes made to 04647ab69fc8d19186cd2a78124ea74b8a89cc0f.

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Add support for publishing Java libraries with Maven

This commit makes sure that Java projects and Java libraries can be published using the `maven` plugin. As the project is built with Gradle,

we only need to add additional mappings for the `implementation`, `api` and `testImplementation` configurations, because the other configurations

only make sense when building, not consuming.

Those are mapped to the following Maven scopes:

- `api` is mapped to `compile`

- `implementation` is mapped to `runtime`

- `testImplementation` is mapped to `test`

The `compileOnly` and `runtimeOnly` dependency buckets are only used from within a project, so should not appear in the generated pom file.

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Clean up Maven test fixture

+review REVIEW-6123

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+review REVIEW-6123

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Fix for GRADLE-3440 & some improved integTests

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Updated maven-publish so that project dependencies correctly handle modified publication coordinates - Use new MavenDependency type instead of org.gradle.api.Dependency as API for generating POM - Map ModuleDependency->MavenDependency within MavenPublication - Added some integration test coverage for multi-project publications with modified/multiple publications

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REVIEW-1559: Check more details of the dependencies in published ivy.xml and pom.xml

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Move the maven test fixtures into their own package.

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