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Adjust tests and samples to new publishing default behavior

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Adjust tests and samples to new publishing default behavior

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Adjust tests and samples to new publishing default behavior

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Adjust tests and samples to new publishing default behavior

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Implement Gradle metadata marker in published pom/ivy files

This commit implements a performance optimization for Gradle metadata.

Given that today there's no library published in any repository with

Gradle metadata, it's much more likely to find a POM (or Ivy) metadata

file for an external dependency, rather than a Gradle metadata file.

If we decided to add `gradleMetadata()` sources by default to all

repositories, then we would probably introduce a performance regression

to a lot of builds, because we would first try to get Gradle metadata,

then fail, and search for POM/Ivy files.

To avoid this, whenever a library is going to be published with Gradle

metadata, we will introduce a _marker_ in the published POM or Ivy

file. When Gradle _resolves_ such a dependency, it will parse the POM

file and look for the marker. If it finds it, then it will _redirect_

to use Gradle metadata instead. This means that when Gradle metadata is

present, we will pay the price of looking for a POM or Ivy file first,

start parsing, only to discover we should parse Gradle metadata. This

should be ok in the beginning, knowing that if `gradleMetadata()` is

added, then we would systematically look at Gradle metadata first.

This means that this is a _temporary_ solution, until Gradle metadata

becomes widespread. So "temporary" should be understood as several

months, if not years.

The marker introduced in POM and Ivy files is _neutral_ for both Ivy

and Maven. By this we mean that it uses an XML comment. While not super

nice, we couldn't use a custom namespace because both Ivy and Maven

fail when parsing this. Properties were considered too, but Ivy doesn't

support them so for consistency both models use comments.

It's worth noting that we will still _completely parse_ the POM or Ivy

descriptor. It's a waste of time, but it helps in case we find a marker

but that for some reason the Gradle metadata file is absent. In this

case we fallback on the model we found.

This change also introduces a change in the semantics of the incubating

metadata sources API: those should be considered _hints_, and not strong

statements anymore.

Finally, should a producer want to avoid publishing Gradle metadata,

it's now possible to disable the task that creates the metadata file.

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Fixed the implementation of `MavenModule.getArtifact(path)` test fixture method.

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Some changes to `MavenModule` test fixtures to allow an artifact in a module to be defined using a path relative to the module directory, moved up some methods to more general interfaces, and some other tidy-ups.

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Added some int test coverage for interaction between Maven scopes and Ivy configurations.

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Converted a maven int test to use `ResolveTestFixture` to verify results.

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GRADLE-2762: Pulled up common code into parent class and added tests.

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GRADLE-2034 - handle missing artifacts in mavenLocal cache.

Implement a new MavenLocalResolver which checks for artifact

existance in the maven cache before resolving the artifact

from the cache. This is to work around the issue on

systems that are using Gradle and Maven where Maven

builds will resolve an artifact POM but not the artifact


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Some tweaks to AbstractModule.publish() to better deal with unchanged artifacts.

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Changed the contract of IvyModule and MavenModule test fixtures' publish() method so that they publish only those artifacts that have changed since last time the module was published, to allow an int test to deal with changing modules better.

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Changed the test repository fixtures to generate content such that the length of each artifact changes each time publishWithChangedContent() is called. Also fixed sha1 and md5 checksum generation to include leading '0'.

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Fix MavenFileModule.getPublishArtifactVersion() so it works for non-published modules as well

Removed the obfuscation of snapshot versions in MavenFileModule.assertArtifactsPublished() - Actual artifact names must be explicitly asserted (can use `module.publishedArtifactVersion` to get resolved snapshot version).

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Test the resolution of Maven projects published with the maven-publish plugin - Added resolve verification to many integ tests for Maven publishing

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Added convenience methods for checking state of standard MavenModule types (REVIEW-1261)

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REVIEW-1215: Test coverage for different maven coordinates (non-ascii, whitespace)

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Added check for pom 'packaging' in maven publication tests

WarPlugin now adds 'web' component, which can be published to maven repository.

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Some renaming and cleanup around the test/temp directory used in tests.

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REVIEW-839: extract root metadata handling from MavenHttpArtifact. Move verifyChecksum from MavenFileModule to HttpArtifact.

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fix failing ci.

Extract some pom handling from MavenHttpRepo into dedicated test fixture. Todo: extract pom put operations.

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REVIEW-750: Added utility assertions to MavenFileModule for assertNotPublished() and assertPublishedAsJavaModule()

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Some tweaks to Maven test fixtures.

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Changed a few more int tests to use the MavenHttpModule and IvyHttpModule fixtures.

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GRADLE-2364: Extend Maven related test fixtures to allow assertion on published artifacts with a classifier.

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Move the maven test fixtures into their own package.

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