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Refactoring - moved some non-test classes to a separate package

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Fixed EclipsePlugin so no deprecation warnings are emitted when combined with scala plugin

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Removed a bunch of "withDeprecationChecksDisabled()" from tests, now that gradle properties does not raise deprecation warnings

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Renamed GradleDistributionExecuter.ingoreDeprecationWarnings() -> withDeprecationChecksDisabled()

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Fix deprecation warnings in a few more tests

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Ear plugin clean-up: -Fixed problems with runnable samples of the ear plugin. Now they don't break the build :) -Added bunch of TODOs in ear plugin area. -Fixed a weird compilation issue in DefaultDeploymentDescriptor

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Added some dev comments to avoid wasting time by someone else next time :>

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Added message that describes what needs to be done to execute this test.

Reverted my last fixes to failing tests / refactorings. Apparently, I cannot change the *.out files because they are presented into the manual

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Removed the hack with 1 secs turned into a regex. Now it's using the simple regex mechanism I introduced in previous commit

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Fixed the tests. On some environments (like mine) the checksums generated by ant are different than the expected values. HOWEVER our test should depend on the ant output too much especially when we just want to test if gradle works with ant.

- relaxed assertion so that it uses regex for checking the antChecksum sample

- extended the sample runner in a very simple way so that it supports regexp

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introduced class SystemProperties

- refactored existing code to make use of it

- some minor code cleanups along the way

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GRADLE-1355 - Move integration tests out of core project and into their own integTest project.

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