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REVIEW-867: Rename test fixture JUnitTestExecutionResult -> DefaultTestExecutionResult.

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update default library versions used in tests and samples

- JUnit -> 4.11

- Groovy -> 2.0.5

- Scala -> 2.9.2

- use short instead of long dependency notation

- eliminate usage of `scalaTools` configuration

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Moved code related to GradleExecuter and GradleDistribution into org.gradle.integtests.fixtures.executer - Affects many, many files, but mostly just imports - Certain files (eg RuleHelper) are not in the correct spot, but were moved to avoid cycles

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downgraded Scala samples and one integration test to Scala 2.9.1 because in 2.9.2, scaladoc requires Java 1.6 (probably a scaladoc bug)

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updated samples and tests to use latest released scala version

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Refactoring and restructruization. Moved the samples integ tests into a spearate package for better visibility and runability. Moved test fixture code into the integ test internal subproject.

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Refactoring - moved some non-test classes to a separate package

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Use maven central only to get scala compiler.

Updated samples and int tests to use repositories.maven() instead of mavenRepo().

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Separated classes ouput directory from resources output directory. This requires a code review but I preferred to check in the changes. Updated the documentation, user guide and tests accordingly. New property is called resourcesDir (I somewhat don't like the name but that's what we agreed with Adam).

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GRADLE-1355 - Move integration tests out of core project and into their own integTest project.

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