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moved Incremental(Groovy/Java)CompileIntegrationTest from integTest to plugins project

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Moved handling of @SkipWhenEmpty and validation for task properties out of task actions and into several TaskExecuter implementations, so that they happen before checking whether the task is up-to-date. This avoids, for example, resolving testCompile configuration if there is no test source code:

- Added TaskInputs.sourceFiles property, which returns the subset of input files which, if empty, causes the task to be skipped. This means @SkipWhenEmpty behaviour is now also available via the DSL.

- Added TaskInternal.validators property, which allows validations to be registered with the task.

- Better error messages when @OutputDirectory points to something which is not an output directory.

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GRADLE-1355 - Move integration tests out of core project and into their own integTest project.

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