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After merging idea & eclipse subproject I moved integTests accordingly. This refactoring makes it much easier to run only the ide-specific tests if one changes only eclipse/idea plugin. Needed to move one common base class to core fixtures.

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(GRADLE-1446) Refactored GeneratorTask to enable tooling api use some idea/eclipse plugins goodness. Details:

- GeneratorTask now allows 'preconfiguration' of the domain object. I'm not very happy with this implementation but it felt lesser evil given that I need to keep the api of GeneratorTask intact because it is a part of our public api.

- EclipseConfigurer and IdeaConfigurer task now run domain object configuration for relevant idea/eclipse GeneratorTasks. This way after configurer finishes his work we have the complete model of eclipse/idea (all subprojects).

- Added integration test for idea plugin. It checks if before/whenConfiguration hooks work ok.

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second shot at GRADLE-1305: IDEA plugin should configure the IDE to generate classes into the default location for the IDE added new configuration option IdeaModule.inheritOutputDirs

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turned Eclipse WTP tasks into XmlGeneratorTaskS

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GRADLE-1355 - Move integration tests out of core project and into their own integTest project.

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