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GRADLE-1699 - Changed dependencies.gradleApi() so that it provides the 'plugins' project as well as 'core' and 'core-impl'. - Added some int test coverage. - Extracted the stuff in DependendencyClassPathProvider into DefaultModuleRegistry, and fixed it so that it properly finds the classes and static and generated resources when running under IDEA and Eclipse.

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Added a filter between the plugins ClassLoader, and the build ClassLoader, which prevents scripts and external plugins from seeing anything except org.gradle.*, ant, groovy, ivy, slf4j, log4j and jcl.

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After merging idea & eclipse subproject I moved integTests accordingly. This refactoring makes it much easier to run only the ide-specific tests if one changes only eclipse/idea plugin. Needed to move one common base class to core fixtures.

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GRADLE-1355 - Move integration tests out of core project and into their own integTest project.

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