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fix for CopyTaskPermissionsIntegrationTest on Windows moved copy integration tests from integ-test into core

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Moved some classes out of 'internalTesting', to live as test fixtures in other projects, to get rid of the (core, native, internalTesting) cycle.

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- Shuffled some classes around in o.g.integtests.fixtures to remove package cycle. - Switched on package cycle checking for a few more projects. - Switched off class cycle checking, just do packages for now.

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describe test preconditions with @Requires use MyFileSystem instead of PosixUtil in tests

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excluded more tests from being executed when build is run on unsupported OS

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Moved OperatingSystem from core to native project.

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attempt to fix integration test which often causes 'gradle clean' to fail on next build

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After merging idea & eclipse subproject I moved integTests accordingly. This refactoring makes it much easier to run only the ide-specific tests if one changes only eclipse/idea plugin. Needed to move one common base class to core fixtures.

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GRADLE-1355 - Move integration tests out of core project and into their own integTest project.

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