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Renamed an int test class.

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Fix executer encoding handling.

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Encapsulate more of GradleContextualExecuter.

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Renamed GradleDistributionExecuter to GradleContextualExecuter.

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Moved code related to GradleExecuter and GradleDistribution into org.gradle.integtests.fixtures.executer - Affects many, many files, but mostly just imports - Certain files (eg RuleHelper) are not in the correct spot, but were moved to avoid cycles

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bumped spock version to 0.6-rc-1 and adapted specs to changes in @Unroll syntax

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GRADLE-2099,GRADLE-1618 - ensure that the daemon uses the desired default platform encoding.

The “desired platform encoding” is the client JVM's default platform encoding unless specified otherwise (via the JvmOptions class). If a daemon exists that is otherwise compatible except that it has a different platform encoding, a new one will be started.

We may want to add support for this to the tooling API (in the ProviderOperationParameters interface).

There's a potentially significant implied change in here. We now use the current JVMs default character encoding as the default character encoding for all forked JVMs. In practice, this is not likely to be a functional change as this is usually defined by environment variables that the child process would inherit. However, now we explicitly enforce that the child process has the right encoding.

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