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Back-port wtp classpath attribute calculation to Gradle core

This commit unifies how the Tooling API and the eclipse-wtp plugin defines

deployment classpath attributes for Eclipse project classpath entries.

The commit aims to fix GRADLE-2123, but also introduces a breaking

change because it changes the content of the Eclipse descriptors generated

by the eclipse and eclipse-wtp plugin. For more elaborate explanation check


As a side-effect the Tooling API now considers the manipulations done

in eclipse.project.beforeMerged and eclipse.project.whenMerged closures.

+review REVIEW-6015

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set target runtime explicitly in eclipse classpath

- introduce eclipse.jdt.javaRuntimeName to tweak runtime name and allow overwriting of computed default

+review REVIEW-5723

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change ide classpath mapping

- all transitive repository deps are mapped as direct dependencies

- all (transitive) project dependencies are mapped as direct project dependencies

- deprecated EclipseClasspath.noExportConfigurations

- deprecated AbstractLibrary.declaredConfigurationName and ProjectDependency.declaredConfigurationName


- add all transitive file only dependencies

- fix temporally ignored IdeaIntegrationTest / IdeaMultiModuleIntegrationTest

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Removed the type directory from the artifact filestore layout.

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GRADLE-1974 eclipse wtp web libs container is always present for 'war' + 'eclipse-wtp' plugin combo.

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GRADLE-2079 use jar url in javadoc attribute - add fromJarURL() to FileReferenceFactory. - add getJarURL() to FileReference. - replaced FileReference.getPath references on javadoc attribute by FileReference.getJarURL. - removed jar urls with "in-jar" paths in test .classpath files as gradle doesn't the then generation of them.

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Revert "GRADLE-2079 fixed javadoc path handling:"

This reverts commit 710a0bade813a7af8553231de187b90a746c2bb4.

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GRADLE-2079 fixed javadoc path handling: - never use variables in javadoc paths -> its not supported by eclipse - replaced raw path to jar file by jar url (eg.jar:file:/path/to/jar.jar!/)

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Fix integration test for new cache path

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Update IDE integration tests for new cache layout

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Integration test fixes for new cache location and layout.

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Meaty check-in :/ Updated the package names to be consistent with the convention we have. Updated docs accordingly.

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