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Replace Buildship custom classpath filtering with the Eclipse 'test sources' feature

The custom classpath filtering is confusing to our users and prone

to errors. We decided to replace it with Eclipse's built-in test

source feature which was introduced in Eclipse Photon:

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Prototype for replacing Buildship custom classpath filtering with Eclipse test sources

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Adjust test coverage for Eclipse classpath separation

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Eclipse plugin adds classpath separation information

This reverts commit 0f7ac32fbfd8cf7181e0e47ee059496bb77aa4cb.

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Revert all changes related to the classpath separation in the Eclipse plugin

Recently we've found that the current Eclipse classpath

separation story doesn't cover all the requred usecases and

we decided to move the changes to the 4.4 stream.

This reverts commit d52d84dbd677530abd1452b4c60471377736858a.

This reverts commit fb3fd28bb2ee18a3749d3938911a8c117bbff8b6.

This reverts commit ba8efd5abfc5000cb9d0b4f958aa27f9ca645414, reversing

changes made to f9688e19833f3a720a216da8af3e4f973f014771.

This reverts commit 88c1bcc8e44a86a59d64fbebfe73c6fd67663a00.

This reverts commit f37a7b74daa85775d692b272935a61224da71b0c, reversing

changes made to 0eb94eb669a1927563c87e05b90af6e0fe7e69dc.

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Record for each source folder which Eclipse scope it is used by

Eclipse source folders each have a scope assigned to them. This

is currently the name of the SourceSet, but might evolve later

to be the name of the component instead. The exact value is an

implementation detail.

However, we also need to track all the scopes that *use* that

source folder, so its output can be included when running

applications and tests in Eclipse. The output folder is not

explicitly modeled in the .classpath file, but instead implicitly

belongs to the source folder.

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Change default output to bin/default and source folder output to bin/sourceSetName

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Source folders define separate output dirs in Eclipse classpath

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Add source set information to dependencies in Eclipse model

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Back-port wtp classpath attribute calculation to Gradle core

This commit unifies how the Tooling API and the eclipse-wtp plugin defines

deployment classpath attributes for Eclipse project classpath entries.

The commit aims to fix GRADLE-2123, but also introduces a breaking

change because it changes the content of the Eclipse descriptors generated

by the eclipse and eclipse-wtp plugin. For more elaborate explanation check


As a side-effect the Tooling API now considers the manipulations done

in eclipse.project.beforeMerged and eclipse.project.whenMerged closures.

+review REVIEW-6015

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set target runtime explicitly in eclipse classpath

- introduce eclipse.jdt.javaRuntimeName to tweak runtime name and allow overwriting of computed default

+review REVIEW-5723

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change ide classpath mapping

- all transitive repository deps are mapped as direct dependencies

- all (transitive) project dependencies are mapped as direct project dependencies

- deprecated EclipseClasspath.noExportConfigurations

- deprecated AbstractLibrary.declaredConfigurationName and ProjectDependency.declaredConfigurationName


- add all transitive file only dependencies

- fix temporally ignored IdeaIntegrationTest / IdeaMultiModuleIntegrationTest

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Removed the type directory from the artifact filestore layout.

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GRADLE-1974 eclipse wtp web libs container is always present for 'war' + 'eclipse-wtp' plugin combo.

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GRADLE-2079 use jar url in javadoc attribute - add fromJarURL() to FileReferenceFactory. - add getJarURL() to FileReference. - replaced FileReference.getPath references on javadoc attribute by FileReference.getJarURL. - removed jar urls with "in-jar" paths in test .classpath files as gradle doesn't the then generation of them.

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Revert "GRADLE-2079 fixed javadoc path handling:"

This reverts commit 710a0bade813a7af8553231de187b90a746c2bb4.

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GRADLE-2079 fixed javadoc path handling: - never use variables in javadoc paths -> its not supported by eclipse - replaced raw path to jar file by jar url (eg.jar:file:/path/to/jar.jar!/)

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Fix integration test for new cache path

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Update IDE integration tests for new cache layout

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Integration test fixes for new cache location and layout.

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Meaty check-in :/ Updated the package names to be consistent with the convention we have. Updated docs accordingly.

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