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Upgrade Apache Commons Collections to v3.2.2

Version 3.2.1 has a CVSS 10.0 vulnerability. That's the worst kind of

vulnerability that exists. By merely existing on the classpath, this

library causes the Java serialization parser for the entire JVM process

to go from being a state machine to a turing machine. A turing machine

with an exec() function!

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set target runtime explicitly in eclipse classpath

- introduce eclipse.jdt.javaRuntimeName to tweak runtime name and allow overwriting of computed default

+review REVIEW-5723

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change ide classpath mapping

- all transitive repository deps are mapped as direct dependencies

- all (transitive) project dependencies are mapped as direct project dependencies

- deprecated EclipseClasspath.noExportConfigurations

- deprecated AbstractLibrary.declaredConfigurationName and ProjectDependency.declaredConfigurationName


- add all transitive file only dependencies

- fix temporally ignored IdeaIntegrationTest / IdeaMultiModuleIntegrationTest

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GRADLE-1422: do not add test* configuration dependencies by default

Removed the type directory from the artifact filestore layout.

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Fix integration test for new cache path

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Update IDE integration tests for new cache layout

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Integration test fixes for new cache location and layout.

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Meaty check-in :/ Updated the package names to be consistent with the convention we have. Updated docs accordingly.

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