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Convert `ide` build script to Kotlin

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Merge CORE and PLUGIN module types

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Model test fixtures as a propert artifact

Previously they were modeled as just a file collection,

which confused the IDEA importer. They now use the more

canonical way of defining an additional artifact.

In a next step they should be reimplemented using variant

aware dependency resolution, so that we don't need a special

DSL to declare these dependencies.

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Converted many Groovy script to Kotlin and improved the Kotlin DSL usage in some existing Kotlin scripts.

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Add some test coverage to verify that each of the IDE plugins can be applied to `buildSrc`.

Start growing some cross-cutting test coverage for the IDE plugins, so the plugins can become less different to each other.

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Merge pull request #5128 from gradle/sg/lazy/buildSrc

Use lazy tasks in Gradle's buildSrc

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Remove an unused project dependency.

Move cleanup plugin into cleanup subproject

- Add integration test using TestKit

- Rewrite EmptyDirectoryCheck to use Provider API

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Introduced the property moduleType to derive source compatibility settings

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Extracted test file cleanup from root build into plugin

- Moved configuration of test file clean into extension

- Added TestFileCleanUpPlugin

- Moved CiReporting and Classycle plugin into codequality module

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"coordinate" -> "coordinates"

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Move dependency constraints into a separate project

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Restructure dependency declarations in Gradle build

This change:

- Separates dependencies of main build (Gradle distribution), buildSrc,

and test-only dependencies

- Replaces all "old" rules with constraints and/or metadata rules

with reasons

- Declares dependencies that end up in the Gradle distribution as strict

To avoid unnecessary downgrade rules, we now respect the wish for version

upgrades from transitive dependencies where possible. As consequence,

the following upgrades were performed in the Gradle distribution:

- com.beust:jcommander 1.12 -> 1.47

- 1.3.9 -> 2.0.1

- commons-codec:commons-codec 1.6 -> 1.9

- commons-io:commons-io 2.2 -> 2.4

- net.sourceforge.nekohtml:nekohtml 1.9.14 -> 1.9.20

- org.apache.httpcomponents:httpclient 4.4.1 -> 4.5.2

- org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-utils 2.1 -> 3.0.8

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Extract idiomatic test-fixtures plugin to buildSrc

Plugin is applied to all "groovy projects", see `groovyProject.gradle`.

The plugin configures the Project as a test fixtures producer if

`src/testFixtures` is a directory.

The plugin configures the Project as a test fixtures consumer according

to the `testFixtures` extension configuration.

No more Groovy Closure with optional parameters as a Project extra


Test-fixtures configuration rely on a Groovy DSL only feature that

allows to pass a collection of dependency notations when declaring

dependencies. The Kotlin DSL lacks this feature, see

A workaround has been put in place in `build-extensions.kt` in order to

move forward until this is properly fixed in the Kotlin DSL.

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Rename tapiTest to crossVersionTest and apply review comments

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Split TAPI tests to dedicated source sets

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Move IDE TAPI model integration tests from :toolingApi to :ide

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Revert "Use Java compiler in ide project, it has no Groovy sources"

This reverts commit 683c0ad1715767f1d9510107be889a7357a18eae.

Use Java compiler in ide project, it has no Groovy sources

Add included build information to GradleBuild model

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Eclipse resource filters

From buildship eclipse bug report 495799.

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Moved test factory methods out of production code

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Remove handling for case without composite context

The composite context is now always part of the services in a build, so

we no longer need to handle the case where it does not exist.

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Moved tooling model classes to live with the builders.

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Renamed 'coreImpl' project to 'dependencyManagement', Haven't renamed the directory yet.

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Better place for Launchable implementations.

These classes needs to be transferrable from provider to consumer and back.

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REVIEW-4088/REVIEW-4089: Transferred IDE dependency resolution to Java classes for performance reason. Unresolved dependencies need to use the more general ComponentSelector. Use display name for unresolved dependencies.

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Changed the build so that it no longer uses the `groovy` configuration.

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Refactored common eclipse removals to the eclipse.gradle script.

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Inject Instantiator into IDE and Sonar plugins.

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