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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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GRADLE-1159, GRADLE-1232, GRADLE-1256, GRADLE-968, GRADLE-877, GRADLE-876 - Removed %GRADLE_HOME% environment variable - Made %JAVA_HOME% environment variable optional - Fixed a bunch of problems with %JAVA_HOME% handling in gradle.bat/gradlew.bat

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Deprecate --tasks, --dependencies, --properties, replaced by gradle tasks, dependencies, properties

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Split handling of logging command-line options (--debug, --info, --quiet and --no-color) into a separate converter.

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Some project description in GUI's project/task tree

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Run 'gradle tasks' instead of 'gradle -t' when refreshing task list

Fixed race condition in GradlePluginLord

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Some changes to command-line parsing in UI to be a little more bash-like: - Allow single or double quotes to delimit arguments - Don't include the quotes in the parsed command-line, unless they are quoted

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Switched on some more checkstyle rules.

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Changed open api int tests to always run with --no-search-upward to avoid loading up the Gradle build, and --gradle-user-home to use the same home dir as the other int tests. Plus some other minor tidy-ups.

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Give the open api integ tests a bit longer to finish, plus added some logging in case that doesn't fix the CI build

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Some fixes to ensure output files are closed

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Fixed UI so it doesn't need gradle.home to be set

- Changed ExecSpec.commandLine and args to accept any type of argument. - Changed JavaExecSpec.args to accept any type of argument.

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- Improved test infrastructure to do a better job of cleanly stopping async operations in the presence of failures. - Renamed TestClassProcessor.endProcessing() to stop() and changed interface to extend Stoppable. - Replaced usages of new GradleException(Throwable) with UncheckedException.asUncheckedException()

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- Changed DefaultExecHandle and DefaultWorkerProcess start() and waitForFinish() so that start or stop exception is not discarded. - Changed DefaultWorkerProcess.waitForFinish() to fail if child process has non-zero exit code - Changed ExecHandle.waitForFinish() to return an ExecResult - Added ExecResult.assertNormalExitValue() and cleaned this logic out of a bunch of places.

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Refactored packaging for process related classes.

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GRADLE-927 Add tasks and methods for exec and javaexec.

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- Fix java 5 compilation error

Added integration tests to verify most of the gradle UI functionality. Changed the Open APIs so they now call a factory function (that is located in the gradle home you specify) to create their objects (allows for more flexibility). Added ability to observe requests executed by the gradle UI. Added ability to execute refreshes with additional arguments via the Open API. Added ability to set the current gradle tab via the Open API. Improved the error checking/reporting in the IPC mechanism to detect missing gradle installations. Fixed a bug where GradleRunner wasn't reporting execution started. Fixed a bug where programmatically changing values on the setup tab wouldn't be reflected in the UI. Fixed a bug where clickable errors in groovy files didn't go to the line number due to a space between the delimiter and line number.

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GRADLE-818, GRADLE-799 - Fixed case where current directory is not a canonical path (eg dos 8.3 name, mismatched case) - Fixed resolving of lowercase absolute paths on windows

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Adding ability to refresh the list of tasks for plugins using additional command line arguments.

- Fixed compilation for java 5

Synchronizing with gradle's head

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Fixing a checkstyle error.

Fixing a bug where you could add a favorite with no display name or command.

Fixing an issue where the temporary init-scripts weren't being deleted. Added ability to obtain and manipulate the favorites via the open-api. Added ability to rerun the last executed command.

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GRADLE-680 - Merged TaskState and TaskExecutionResult - Removed Task.getExecuted() - Changed second param of ProjectEvaluationListener.afterEvaluate() from Throwable to ProjectState.

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Added ability to copy selected task names from the task tree. Added ability to duplicate favorites and removed the unnecessary restriction that favorites could not have the same command or display name (this occurs while duplicating which is often desired to tweak an existing favorite).

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Fixing an issue where the output pane would be gray to the right of the text if the text was short. Now its white all across.