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- Consolidate all the testing related classes under o.g.api.internal.tasks.testing - Merged AbstractTestTask and Test - Moved some classes from o.g.api.tasks.testing to o.g.api.internal.tasks.testing

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GRADLE-800 - Include the test failure exception in test summary logging at info level

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GRADLE-800 - Report only failed test classes, not each failed test (ie the behaviour we used to have when using the Ant task) - Fail the build if any test suite fails (eg a failure in a JUnit Runner implementation) - Be a bit more forgiving of badly behaved test processors

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GRADLE-800 - Renamed AntTest back to Test - Renamed Test to TestDescriptor

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GRADLE-800 Fleshed out TestListener events: - Use a consistent cross-framework naming scheme for tests - Can get class name and method name for a test, if applicable - TestSuite is-a composite Test - Fire a global suite start and end event that encloses all tests and suites - Added start and end times to TestResult.

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GRADLE-800 - Use the build's logging level in test process.

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GRADLE-800 - Changed test execution so that Gradle has responsibility for forking test processes. - Temporarily ignore test options. - Switched on TestListeners for TestNG tests. - Gradle classes and classes under test are now isolated from each other in the forked test process. - Fixed a deadlock when worker process fails before it connects to the server, and after the server has started sending messages to the worker process.

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